Work more efficiently and free up time with these tips to speed up your PC or laptop

Speeding Up Your Personal Computer

It seems like every few months someone is referring to an old computer they have that’s too old to use; Everything is so sluggish you might as well not even try. More often than not these computers have plenty of life left in them. There is no reason to run out and buy an entirely new computer if you have functional hardware that you can restore and upgrade, so don’t give up hope on your old, slow computer or laptop just yet. Try these tips and you’re certain to be zooming on a snappy digital environment in no time.

Perform Maintenance On Your System

Without regular maintenance, years of use causes clutter in a personal computer’s file system. This can be solved in a couple of steps. Find a software solution for finding and removing adware. Using this tool and your computer’s uninstall function, remove all software from the computer that isn’t necessary. Many of these tools allow you to change your start-up processes functionality, but this can also be done from the task manager. Just press ctrl-alt-del and tab over to the start-up tab and disable all the processes that aren’t required. This allows the computer to load the operating system quickly and without the shock an accumulation of extraneous start-up processes can give the system. Consider using a disk de-fragmentation tool after you’ve deleted your unused applications and data. Get remote IT support to help you complete these maintenance tasks with a bit of guidance along the way.

Re-install Windows

If your system is having trouble in the cleaning process or you run into issues with the operating system being unable to perform correctly it might be time for a clean re-install of Windows. Back up anything you want to keep and use the official disk creation utility from the Windows website to install an fresh copy of your operating system.

Upgrade Hardware

If you find that even after reinstalling your operating system on a clean hard drive your computer is too sluggish or struggles with your day to day usage, it may be time to upgrade your hardware. But don’t worry, it isn’t time for a whole new computer; Even laptops are simple to upgrade piece by piece, and you will see a big difference from upgrading one or two pieces of hardware. If you need faster response from all apps and faster utilization of files consider getting a laptop repairs specialist  to upgrade your hard drive to an SSD. If your computer has trouble rendering video or multitasking, consider upgrading the amount of RAM in the computer.