Vertical Lines On The Display On All Brand Laptops

All models of LCD monitors of laptops of any brand


The monitor display has a defect annoying screen with vertical lines or partially visible as pictured below:


problem vertical lines lcd

The problem arises due to repeated crushing of the screen of the laptop, or, in some models, the defect occurs after a few years caused by the natural opening and closing of the screen of the laptop.

Sometimes putting pressure on the edges of the display, at the top, vertical lines disappear for a moment or moving or the screen is shut off.

Before spending a lot of money for a new display, we can make an attempt to restore the display also quite easily, without having much experience in electronics: just a bit of dexterity.

Warning: the problem will try to resolve is not related to displaying artefizi due to the known problems of graphics processors nVidia few years ago and even some problems due to the bursting of the display; in the latter case, you will see the screen clearly split also backlit and, unfortunately, there is nothing to do you have to replace the display.

display problem acer 5920G

The model object of my attention is a Acer 5930G. But the repair I was successful on many other PC models, most with LCD panel and LED, the first has a drive down to the monitor to turn on the neon, the second is not: it is not important for the purposes of repair.

Let’s just say that the attempt to repair it is quite ‘raw’ and not absolutely guarantee some kind of life: but sometimes more satisfying the result … and especially also the savings is not to be underestimated: a 16-inch LCD again, even if you find it as replacement, costs beyond 100 euro …

And so we begin with the intervention that we can call ‘attempt to repair’.

The first thing is we have to figure out how to remove the display of our laptop.

If we’re lucky, and ours is a model – as in the case dell’Acero 5930 – that allows us to remove the display without completely dismantling the laptop, just a short stroll to get to work on the LCD panel ‘naked’.

Otherwise, you have to remove even the houses of the laptop to completely disconnect the monitor and it’s getting more complicated: you can follow some of my guides or repairs to open your PC or follow some guidelines on YouTube.

Then proceed with our monitors: the first thing to do is remove the ‘caps’ that is, those covers or pads on the inside edge of the display and that often cover the screws.

Stacchiamoli and svitiamo the small screws found under: normally it does not take much force. Warning that if some screws below are unreachable, we are where we need to first remove the computer and then unplug the display.

After removing the screws, we have to gently separate the frame from the rest of the body, by levering with a pick or screwdriver in plastic or special instrument: we must be very careful to understand the mechanism of interlocking, leveraging gently. And ‘This is perhaps the most delicate and troublesome of the whole operation.

open lcd monitor acer asus toshiba hp

Once detached frame we face the display. And ‘likely top there are some pins (webcam, microphone), stacchiamoli gently and remember to re-attach to reassemble.

There is also, on some models, a small piece of metal rectangular: this is resting on the top or on one of the corners and is used to close a contact magnetically, so turn off the screen when you close it. Often this little piece is released when you open the plastic shell , so be careful not to lose it, and above all remember what his office, so put it back where it was when reassembled everything.

The monitor is now obviously still anchored at the base by other screws that hold it connected to the hinges and side brackets (all metal).

Moreover, normally in the bottom of the display, separate from the main body and bound to it by two pins, there is an electronic card call INVERTER that has the purpose to turn on the neon (neon or if more than two) of the monitor, just as does the same element in the neon light of your own home.

repair laptop display

We dismantle and detach the monitor and work on the back.

flat cable cable lcd monitor pc acer 5930

Gently unplug the plug of the flat cable.

The display in this case is a common LP154WX4 present on many models.

display acer 5930

Now that we have removed the display, let us reflect on the HIGH.

If we pay attention, at the arrows red (see photo below) we have the flat carrying the signal from the circuit board to the display. These flat are those that create the fault lines or flickering of the screen.

In practice, by dint of keeping pressed the display or open / close it, it happens that some of the contacts flat start making bad contact.

A solution to try is to ‘press’ the flat by inserting a bit of paper in the slot at the top, between the flat and the frame of the monitor.

To do so, we must first remove the plastic and duct tape that hides and covers the flat.

Below you can see one of the spaces in which we can enter the thickness of paper / cardboard, in order to push the flat against the connector and try to remedy any bad contact.

repair display vertical lines

In my case I used the post-it properly cut and folded to create a thickness of a few millimeters.

Only later instead of paper I put hot glue (but only after I sincerato that the approach was right and running) .

repair lcd vertical lines

After inserting a thickness in each slit at the flat, I used common tape to ‘pull’ down the outer plastic to ‘press’ the flat on the electronic board.

You can use it – maybe even better considering that the tape is too sticky – Scotch paper (the one used in painting).

Aesthetically is not great … but I assure you that it works!

lcd repair Specific vertical lines

Now we do a first firing test, by mounting the display briefly.

Result ?? In my case it works perfectly …

Repair LCD LED acer asus

The end result … Monitor repaired !!

The vertical lines are just a bad memory …

Acer 5930 working

Obviously the result depends very much on point / flat which was ruined …

So if surgery can not try to turn on the computer with the monitor and press dismantled at some other point of the display / flat to see if he can eliminate the defect: if you notice improvements, what is the point on which to work.


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