Upgrade Guide For Acer Extensa 5620-5220-5630

repair Acer 5620-5220 napoli

Support Acer 5620-5220 napoli

repair Acer 5620-5220

Operations that I proposed to a client were those of:

  • Upgrading RAM with replacement of the modules with some capacity greater;
  • Replacing Hard Disk with a more capacious
  • Cleaning fans
  • Change thermal paste
  • Installing new operating system Windows7

For RAM 3GB I recovered from some old units. The system can withstand even composed Windows7

RAM acer 5620 5220

I opted for the hard disk drive to 250GB, more than enough for the customer and at low cost.

hard disk acer 5620-5220

Beginning to dismantle virtually everything and clean up every part that happens to me in his hands:

Open acer 5620 5220

I remove the fan, open it and clean it completely:

fan acer 5620 5220

I remove the heatsink and I clean everything:

motherboard acer 5620 5220

I delete the old thermal paste helping me with a bit of paper soaked in contact spray:

temperature acer 5620 5220

I apply the new thermal grease:

CPU processor acer 5620 5220

Subsequently remount everything and provider and to install Windows7 …

The client was thrilled … in practice has begun to use a PC that first believed obsolete and replace ….uscendosene with spending altogether ridiculous.

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