Toshiba Satellite L300D Black Screen

Pressing The Power Button Of The Toshiba Satellite L300D The LED Light Turns On But The Screen Stays Black


The ATI Graphics Chip Does Not Work


Rework Processor ATI

Toshiba Satellite L300D problem PSLC8E


At power virtually pc seems to start but then stops. The fans in some cases also run, and seems to go perfectly .. mah after a few seconds you realize that the screen remains BLACK ..



Note: the photos published here are based on a similar model, a Toshiba Satellite U400D 200 PSU48E. Disassembly and repair are very similar: change the arrangement of parts (connectors, type of ram and sink) but the platforms have a lot in common. Just can publish accurate photos of this model.


Then dismantle everything that is placed on the underside of the computer: hardware, hard drives, ram bancheti, lids, battery, WiFi card, burner, etc.

toshiba Satellite L300D PSLC8E

wifi toshiba satellite L300D PSLC8E

disassemble toshiba satellite L300D PSLC8Eflat toshiba satellite L300D PSLC8E

Detach the plastic rod horizontal present above the keyboard. It ‘just stuck.

open toshiba L300D PSLC8E

We dismantle the keyboard …

keyboard toshiba satellite L300D PSLC8E

Svitiamo all screws that we can see … we detach flat and connectors … finally helping us with some plastic instruments detach the upper shell of the pc …

reflow toshiba satellite L300D PSLC8E

And here we are in front of the motherboard. Detach all flat, pins and screws that hold it fixed to the base.On this model it is not necessary to remove the display. Time gained …

motherboard toshiba satellite L300D PSLC8EWe raise the mainboard and estraiamola.

mainboard toshiba satellite L300D PSLC8E

And here’s the motherboard to complete. In the picture you see I have not taken a lot of stuff, like banquets memory and battery. You must disconnect ALL to do a rework of the GPU.

We arrange to remove the heatsink and fan.

fan toshiba satellite L300D PSLC8E

sink toshiba satellite L300D PSLC8E

In the photo below, under the CPU are the ‘bad guy’, our AMD RADEON that needs to be revitalized …

We provide a clean everything, removing the thermal paste, turn on the plate for preheat, we shoot a lot of NC-559 under the so-called and try to make a reflow temperature by referring to the diagrams for this BGA.

If we really want to do things for her going dissaldiamolo completely redo and even the ball of tin.

Personally on this model and with this GPU have been very successful with a reflow.

CPU GPU toshiba satellite L300D PSLC8E reballing

Then replace the thermal paste with a new one, we clean the fan and heatsink and richiudiamo all …

I try a first power because I want to understand if everything is ok before re everything pretty well … ET VOILA ‘!! Lights up !! And thank goodness …

toshiba satellite L300D PSLC8E repaired

toshiba satellite L300D PSLC8E reballing

And here quĂ  our TOSHIBA Satellite U400D 200 PSU48E working perfectly !!

repair toshiba satellite L300D PSLC8E napoli

After several tests (which lasted a week …) I have concluded that the repair was successful and so I returned the PC.

repair toshiba satellite L300D PSLC8E napoli


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