Toshiba Satellite C660D PSC0UE


Toshiba Satellite C660D PSC0UE


Anomaly Fan Toshiba C660D


Warning: A Problem With The Cooling System HAS BEEN DETECTED.


Regeneration Or Replacement Fan Toshiba Satellite C660D PSC0UE


If at any moment on your Toshiba appears a message like:


Warning: A problem with the cooling system HAS BEEN DETECTED.

Please turn off the computer immediately, and return it for service

You could have two basic reactions:

First,   there is amazement that the machine warning before breaking down altogether. That is, it does not happen as often (almost never) that a system alerts you with an alarm (even if difficult to understand …) that something is wrong. Usually the PC just dies. Stop.

Second, and I bring all that I do ??

The model in question is a Toshiba Satellite C660D. However I imagine (but not sure) that this warning message appears when the PC has Windows loads, it can also appear on other Toshiba in case of problems with the fan.

problem Toshiba Satellite C660D PSC0UE

The problem is clearly the fan. And it is a positive fact that the Toshiba Satellite C660D we have notified: usually when a PC does not dissipate heat well is damaged some internal component, most of the time the CPU or the graphics processor.

In our case we groped two ways to recover the PC :

– The first is that of replacing the fan with a new brand, consigliatissima operation;

– The second is a regeneration of the fan and can only be done if the problem that blocks the fan is due to dirt; you save a little money but not for everyone.

In fact there would also a third possibility, but it is not always feasible as spare parts and serve capacity ‘adaptive': that is, replace the fan with a ‘makeshift’ belonging to some other handset model .. in this article I prefer not to illustrate this possibility.

In all cases we have to disassemble however our Toshiba Satellite C660D, so as always we start to work on the bottom of the PC, by unscrewing all screws and detaching all the flaps.

Repair Toshiba Satellite C660D PSC0UE

Remove all peripherals and accessories including HardDisk, battery. Then we turn the machine again and work on the front.

Repair Toshiba Satellite C660D PSC0UE

Remove this wand over the keyboard. And ‘stuck, let us help with some tools in plastic so as not to spoil the aesthetics of the Toshiba Satellite C660D.

Fan problem Toshiba Satellite C660D PSC0UE

Below the plastic rod are screws that secure the keyboard. Let’s remove them, gently detach the keyboard being careful to keep the flat attached to the motherboard.

problem fan heatsink Toshiba Satellite C660D PSC0UE

Raise the keyboard and open the latches that hold the flat to the motherboard.

Toshiba Satellite C660D PSC0UE problems fan

At this point we can see the fan that comes out of the body, on the left. But we still have to open the body and clear the board to get to the fan. We proceed, detach the remaining flat and connectors that we see, as well as the remaining screws:

problem Warning: A problem with the cooling system HAS BEEN DETECTED.

Warning error message: A problem with the cooling system HAS BEEN DETECTED.

Eye to the flat indicated …

Support Toshiba Satellite C660D PSC0UE

… And the connector ..

Support Toshiba Satellite C660D PSC0UE napoli

Now we separate the plates always gently. We can help with some plastic screwdriver to angle out the bodies.

Keyboard Toshiba Satellite C660D PSC0UE napoli

Once you open the chassis, we can finally see the motherboard Toshiba Satellite C660D. We almost got to be able to work at this point on the fan.

As you can see strangely on this model around the fan has much room: we could possibly replace the fan also with some other model, not necessarily equal; but in this case we should adapt the connector and snap points … keep in mind also this third option that I wanted list since the beginning not very ‘clean’ …

motherboard Toshiba Satellite C660D PSC0UE napoli

And here is our problem: the fan. Smontiamola and detach the cable that feeds it, a classic 3-wire cable. The yellow wire practically provides to the motherboard a relative value to the rotation speed. It ‘possible that the fan does not work well, do not turn at all, or just the yellow cable does not provide an exact value on the speed of rotation (electrical problem).

fan Toshiba Satellite C660D PSC0UE napoli

motherboard Toshiba Satellite C660D PSC0UE napoli

Now come this far, if we bought a new fan, there is nothing left to do but to replace and reassemble everything.

If you want groped a revision, we try to remove the fan. I do not know which model of fan can mount your PC so I provide general information.

Usually ventoline are surrounded by a mixed body in plastic and metal.

We have to open this to get to the rotating body. The body can have 3 small screws or fasteners plastic : in the first case we can close without problems the fan after work; in the latter, usually I drive with Kapton tape resistant to high temperatures.

cleaning fan sony elitebook 2530p

Once you open the shell try gently to lift the rotating element.

There are two types of ventoline: those with the ‘ rotating element removable or with rotating element fixed by a catch.

The first case is what we like best as it allows us to open the fan, this should be lubricated.

If the rotating element does not move, standing up from the base, we will notice that the other side of the fan under the label there is a catch: this is the case in which the fan is ‘fixed’ and from there is little possibility of work.

An example of fan ‘fixed':

fan pc not opening

In case of fan rotor disk we could theoretically try to remove the catch but then hardly able to put it back later; we can then proceed to a surface cleaning with compressed air and a brush. Then we can spray some lubricating substance right near the stop.

fan pc not opening 2

In the case of removable rotor (fan removable), remove the rotating element and clean it with compressed air and a brush all parts carefully removing all types of dirt. We can help with contact spray both dry lubricants, cotton swab and brush.

We have to clean in depth both the stator plate pack (fixed part of the fan with the hole, for instance) that the inside of the rotor (the part below and centrally of the fan) including the small metal plunger which acts as a pivot and to whose base often there is also an O-ring.

cleaning fan heatsink sony elitebook 2530p

After cleaning thoroughly, even helping with a cotton swab, we can use silicone spray to clean the inside of the fan, or use a little lithium grease or silicon (the second best, most suitable for electronic equipment).

sony fan problem elitebook 2530p

At the end of the work of regeneration, we have to thoroughly test the fan. Chiudiamola and apply a voltage 5Volt, spinning her around for 10 minutes …

Restore fan Toshiba Satellite C660D PSC0UE napoli

In my case the fan has returned as new and the Toshiba Satellite C660D PSC0UE returned to work perfectly!


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