Toshiba Satellite A300 Bios password reset

How To Reset Bios Password on Toshiba Satellite A300 series


To Reset The BIOS Toshiba A300 PSAGCE


Work on many Toshiba every week and I must say that this series, Satellite A300 suffers from several problems including NEC TOKIN capacitor that causes power problems or usual problems to video processor that prevent the start, solvable by rework (reflow or reballing – see my articles).

However, the Toshiba A300 series also suffers from another problem that may seem trivial but which becomes blocker if you do not know the solution: the pc of the blue power presents a password prompt with a message “Enter current password” in a box electric blue.

Now the problem is that the PC was never set a password: and you can not get into the BIOS settings as the computer is locked for each operation.

I had already dealt with a problem identical relative to another model A300 (A300 model PSAJ4E) and in this article:

I explain how to reset the bios by shorting two pins in the shape of the arrow in the compartment of RAM under one of the modules.

However on the A300 PSAGCE those darts from short not exist and therefore many people have contacted me to ask for help.

problem startup password toshiba a300

For a long time I could not give directions, since neither Google nor the service manuals were of help: and no more A300 arriving in the laboratory had this problem …

… Until you assign one of you sent me an A300 PSAGCE with the problem of password, with a promise to analyze it and repair it for free in exchange for experimentation.

And of course I did and now public solution, sure to make the happiness of many people …

Consider only that some tell me that Toshiba service centers are also asking 100 Euros to unlock these PC … absurd !! Mah …

How To Reset The Bios Of A A300 PSAGCE

Let’s move on to the point. The operations are quite simple, it was hard to find just steps short …

We dismantle our Toshina PSAGCE A300 and arrive to remove the upper body to be able to work on the motherboard (you can follow my other post in Toshiba to open your PC);

A PC OFF (without power lead or battery inserted) with the help of a soldering iron, remove the small CMOS Rechargeable battery soldered to the motherboard .

In the picture below you can see in the circle space after removing the battery (I forgot to take the picture before … sorry).

When unsolder the battery, eye position and the polarity! After you have to reassemble everything as it was !!

reset bios PSAGCE A300 battery CMOS password

– Now we move to work in the RAM compartment. Let a single RAM slot outer and pause to look at, with the slots positioned at the bottom, in the upper right corner:

Password reset bios A300 PSAGCE CMOS

– In particular, let us reflect on the two points marked C836 and C837 : these two points will temporarily get shorted.

Unfortunately not enough to touch them with a wire as usual … I tried, but nothing to do.

We must create a bridge welding a thread that puts them in short!

how to reset password startup A300 PSAGCE CMOS

And here is the result …

enter password A300 PSAGCE bios CMOS

Now, with the battery removed and the Bios CMOS with a colon shorted, partially assemble the PC, maybe attacking as I did only the power button.

Then attach the power cord and turn on ….

Will it work ?? Of course !! OH YES !!

And here is what will appear at power …

password request A300 PSAGCE bios CMOS solved solved solution

Now risaldiamo the battery , remove the bridge made ​​with wire and connect the keyboard (being careful not to make contact to the metal part of the keyboard with the motherboard).

Rekindle again, this time by pressing F2 to enter the BIOS settings. We should be able to access the settings as if nothing had happened. Note that the system date is reset (in my case 01/01/2008).

how to reset bios A300 PSAGCE enter current password

Perfect !! Remount everything and test the whole.


And the amazing thing is that I think I was one of the first to publish this solution , if not the only, really I was hours trying and trying but nowhere I found no solution.

In addition, the procedure must be done exactly as I explained, completely removing the CMOS battery, bridging the two points and by starting the computer with these two conditions.

If you do not remove the battery or attempted only jumper for a few seconds the two points, the operation will fail absolutely!


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