Starting Problems HP Pavilion Dv7-6000el

Pressing the power button the LEDs come on but the video does not work. Often some LEDs light up as the CAPS LOCK (uppercase) intermittently.



The Graphics Processor And / Or Chipset HP Pavilion Dv7 Start To Come Unstuck


Reflow Or Reballing Graphics Chip ATI Radeon And / Or Chipset HP DV7 6000el


flashing led HP pavilion DV7-6000el

This article must as a shelter HP DV7 signed exactly “dv7-6000el”.

The repair I made on this model, and I present in this article also applies to other models DV7 suffering from problems to the video card.

On my site you will also find other models treated, including a problem of ignition of a HP Pavilion DV6 .

The problem with this DV7, like so many others for that matter, is that suddenly stops light up, showing a screen when you press the power button.

The problem is related to the video processor ATI Radeon soldered on the motherboard, whose lead free soldering with time and heat crumble.Problem hp pavilion dv7 6000el

To repair this model I had to work directly on the motherboard, making a rework of both the graphics processor that AMD chipset.

HP pavilion DV7 DV7-6000el not turn

The problem of misfire and black screen is common to many HP models (and not only).


Video Issues HP Pavilion DV7 DV7-6000el

assisstenza HP Pavilion DV7

We begin to dismantle our HP Pavilion DV7. We work on the bottom, svitiamo all small screws and detach the big door that hides part of the components.


HP pavilion DV7-6000el

This model has the distinction of having two well slots for as many SATA Hard Disk. We must, as always, remove the discs, the WiFi module, RAM modules, battery backup, the DVD burner.


open HP pavilion DV7-6000el

repair HP Pavilion dv7 DV7-6000el


repair HP Pavilion dv7 DV7-6000el

wifi HP pavilion dv7 DV7-6000el

Some screws to be removed are present in the housing of the DVD.


HP pavilion dv7 body DV7-6000el

After working on the bottom of the PC, we can fold it to work in the area keyboard. With screwdriver or thick plastic, gently press the latches that secure the keyboard and solleviamola paying attention to the flat connected to the motherboard.

HP Pavilion dv7 keyboard DV7-6000el

Once raised the keyboard we can release it and then arrange to drop all flat present under it as well as the small screws that hold the metal cover. Beware of the big flat passing on the right.

disassemble LCD display HP Pavilion dv7 DV7-6000el

Now we must try to separate the two bodies, the below the top, playing with some thin tool strictly plastic, not to ruin the aesthetics of the ‘HP Pavilion DV7. In this example I used a special tool similar to a pick, generally used by those who dismounts and cellular phones.

touchpad HP Pavilion dv7 DV7-6000el

Now a delicate stage: when we are going to separate the shells, we pay attention to the flat connected to the motherboard. We must try to remove it without damage. Absolutely NOT pull with tears to avoid damage !!

flat motherboard HP pavilion dv7 DV7-6000el


And finally our motherboard. There are still a few screws and connectors to free her, but we’re almost there …


HP pavilion dv7 motherboard DV7-6000el


Among the various connectors to disconnect the video connector. I recommend gently detach it in, pulling the tab up.


flat video HP pavilion dv7 DV7-6000el

push-button power button HP pavilion dv7 DV7-6000el

We come then to remove the motherboard from the chassis.

motherboard repair HP Pavilion dv7 DV7-6000el

As you can see from the next picture, the cooling is entrusted to 3 sinks that convey the warmth of two cooling fins and a fan.

HP pavilion dv7 motherboard problem DV7-6000el

This is the B-side of the motherboard.

problem motherboard HP pavilion dv7 DV7-6000el

We arrange to remove the heatsink.


fan heatsink motherboard HP pavilion dv7 DV7-6000el

Once raised the group of dissipation, we can see the 3-chip: the CPU, the graphics processor AMD and the component that controls the motherboard (Northbridge / Southbridge). Usually when I make a reword work only on the video processor, but sometimes also the Southbridge is the subject of my attention.

AMD cpu gpu HP pavilion dv7 DV7-6000el

More detached, not covered by the sink, there is another component, also AMD.

reflow cpu gpu AMD HP pavilion dv7 DV7-6000el

Then I prepare for the work of rework. We clean thoroughly the entire motherboard and all components with isopropyl alcohol or special sprays. We apply the temperature sensors and begin to warm up with the plate preheat; just reached a desired operating temperature, we apply the flux at the edges of the GPU.

Start the rework of BGA graphic. In this case concerned reflow performed by following specific temperature curves.

Obviously for difficult cases or for higher reliability can also completely replace the pond of the GPU with the new leaded or even (only recently I perform this type of work) to replace the entire graphics processor with a brand new one.

reballing bga reflow video AMD HP pavilion dv7 DV7-6000el

In case of reballing dell ‘HP Pavilion DV7 or in case of complete substitution of the video chip, we provide the posting of the BGA using our good air station or infrared, we eliminate the residual solder on board / component by means of utilization of the braid (all operations from perform with the utmost delicacy worth the detachment of some track ….)

As usual then redo the ball pond (possibly with tin containing lead) using a special stencil and risaldiamo perfectly the component on the board.

Here are some photos taken during a reballing.

reball sony hp acer

reballling bga sony vaio

reballling bga sony vaio acer asus

reball bga sony acer asus toshiba

reball bga sony acer asus toshiba

reball bga sony acer asus toshiba

reball bga sony acer asus toshiba

reball bga sony acer asus toshiba

After finishing rework let cool slowly the motherboard of the Vaio VGN-SZ71MN PCG-6W2M and in the meantime let us dedicate ourselves to the cleaning of the fan and heatsink.

Apply also on the processors of the thermal paste of excellent quality (type Artic or similar) in order to conduct heat between the components and the heat sink in an optimal manner.

Remount everything and effettuamo some tests …. Result ??? Lights up !!!

HP pavilion DV7 repaired functioning

Obviously, it shows an error of ‘Checksum Error’ due to the fact that we have removed the backup battery and then the BIOS is reset: simply reconfigure the time / date and everything will be as new.

With this procedure show how to repair an HP Pavilion DV7.

However, I remind you that this is not a guide and that the work done here requires expertise and equipment, semi or fully professional: without due accortenze and experience you can not get the same results.

In all cases, if you have problems with this HP DV7 and need assistance or want groped a repair with reflow or reballing, you can also spedirmelo.


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