Starting Problems HP Pavilion DV6-6169sl


Starting Problems HP Pavilion DV6-6169sl


Pressing the power button LEDs light up but the video is not working. Often the led on the CAPS LOCK intermittently.


The Graphics Processor And / Or Chipset HP Pavilion Dv6 Start To Come Unstuck


Reflow Or Reballing Graphics Chip ATI Radeon And / Or Chipset HP DV6-6169sl


hp pavilion DV6-6169sl

This article must how to fix an HP DV6-6169sl . The problem with this computer, like many of the rest, is that suddenly stops light up, showing a BLACK screen when you press the power button.

The DV series is subject, like so many others, to problems of loosening of the components, especially processor and ATI Radeon chipset.

The cause is the ‘ use of tin free of lead that – as shown in the next photo effected under the microscope – with time tends to flake .

problems video card HP DV6

There are different models identified with the abbreviation DV6 however often are completely different from each other; the DV6 is a model in production for many years and over time HP has produced several models based on different platforms.

problem screen hp pavilion DV6-6169sl

To repair this model I had to work directly on the motherboard , making a rework of both the graphics processor that AMD chipset. The rework can be both a reflow that a complete reballing of BGA : usually the replacement of only tin (reballing) is feasible only if the chipset is not ‘cooked’ or branded; otherwise we have to get a brand new chip.

In all cases the tin that we will use will be Pb-Sn (tin with lead) known to be more solid and resistant in time with respect to the more environmentally friendly lead-free.

The model on which I have worked abbreviation  DV6-6169sl however the problem of misfire and black screen is common to many models of HP series DV3, DV5, DV6 and dv7.

problem hp pavilion DV6-6169sl

We begin with reverse our HP Pavilion DV6-6169sl to work on the underside. Disconnect the battery and remove the thick shell that hides most of the peripherals.

Video problem hp pavilion DV6-6169sl

To remove the shell we have to help with a lever.

problem black video hp pavilion DV6-6169sl

We can remove all components such as hard disk, memory and WiFi Card. Also we detach the cables relating to the antenna connection.

problems video card HP pavilion DV6-6169sl

how to solve problems video card HP pavilion DV6-6169sl

how to remove HP pavilion DV6-6169sl

Also we detach the cable, pulling the plug.

how to restore HP pavilion DV6-6169sl

WiFi network card HP pavilion DV6-6169sl

Screws Remove all the screws that hold the body; eye that have different sizes so teniamone account for when we will have to replace the PC.

how to open HP pavilion DV6-6169sl

ignition problem HP pavilion DV6-6169sl

We work on the keyboard; using a screwdriver or a plastic strip of metal, we use the small space above the keyboard and do lever gently to lift it.

disassemble the keyboard HP pavilion DV6-6169sl

keyboard problems HP pavilion DV6-6169sl

Detach the keyboard flat ..

flat keyboard HP Pavilion DV6-6169sl

Now that we have access to the area under the keyboard, we can remove the remaining flat, pins and remove the screws that are present on the surface.

Keyboard HP Pavilion DV6-6169sl

After unscrewing all the screws it is time to pull the upper body. Still using plastic instruments, not to spoil the beautiful metal casing, we leverage to separate bodies.

smotare shell HP Pavilion DV6-6169sl

open and repair a HP Pavilion DV6-6169sl

Once separated the bodies, we can see the motherboard HP Pavilion DV6-6169sl. To remove it, on this particular model, it is not necessary to remove the display.

motherboard motherboard HP Pavilion DV6-6169sl

Detach the flat display and the remaining screws holding the mainboard HP Pavilion DV6-6169sl to the body below.

fan fan HP Pavilion DV6-6169sl


disassemble motherboard HP Pavilion DV6-6169sl

On the right of the logic board of the standard HP DV series bring the power connector coming from the DC-POWER: This HP Pavilion DV6-6169sl port connector fact in this very location.

disassemble repair motherboard HP Pavilion DV6-6169sl

disassemble display HP Pavilion DV6-6169sl

Remove the remaining screws, often indicated by a special screen printing: and even those that secure the fan. Finally we can raise, gently, the motherboard from the right side.

Repair reballing DV6-6169sl

malfunctioning motherboard DV6-6169sl

Here’s what the motherboard. This is the side that interests us, CPU side.

motherboard DV6-6169sl

We dismantle sinks and fan …. as you can see, the fan of this HP Pavilion DV6-6169sl enough sporchina …

heatsink cooling DV6-6169sl

Even the thermal compound looks very dry and degraded, a sign that the HP Pavilion DV6-6169sl worked for a long time in conditions of overheating; What this probably has caused problems to the components.

repair HP Pavilion DV6-6169sl

Let us dwell on AMD: puliamolo and prepare the entire motherboard for rework.

Cleaning motherboard DV6-6169sl

Cleaning BGA GPU motherboard DV6-6169sl

reballing BGA GPU motherboard DV6-6169sl

Clean up the card fully with isopropyl alcohol then montiamola on the station to a second preheat temperature profile chosen according to the nozzle used, type of technology (air / infrared) and above type of processing.

reballing BGA GPU ATI DV6-6169sl

Obviously in the case of stencils 99% of the laboratories use tin with lead so that the BGA does not give the same problems in the future. Then we proceed to the separation of the component to be processed, starting the heating process, not before you apply the no-clean flux.

reballing reflow flux BGA GPU ATI hp pavilion DV6-6169sl

During my work using different approaches: use of semi-automatic stations BGA (mixed IR and air) with control and regulation of flows by PC or full manual; let’s say you work for years with parameters ‘manuals’ but I also like some automation ….

Here is a classic software for profiles of temperature controllers for PC 410 mounted on many stations IR and HotAir as one of those in my possession:

profiles bga

Rework reballing ATI nVidia Apple Windows

Below one of my works on HP Pavilion DV6-6169sl performed by less sophisticated but no less effective or controlled; certainly slower and more fun ….

AMD GPU BGA rework HP Pavilion DV6-6169sl

In case of reballing dell ‘HP Pavilion DV6-6169sl or in case of complete substitution of the video chip, supplying detachment of the BGA using our good air station or infrared, we eliminate the residual solder on board / component by means of utilization of the braid (operations all to be carried out with the utmost delicacy worth the detachment of some track ….)

As usual then we redo the ball pond (possibly with tin containing lead) using special stencils (direct air or not) and risaldiamo perfectly the components on the card.

Here are some photos taken during a reballing.

Reballing HP Pavilion DV6-6169sl

Reballing Reflow HP Pavilion DV6-6169sl

Reballing rework reflow HP Pavilion DV6-6169sl

Reballing ball pond stencil HP Pavilion DV6-6169sl

Reballing rework flux AMTECH ball pond stencil HP Pavilion DV6-6169sl

Obviously if I can use to clean a classic Flux Amtech ‘phony’ (on the market are almost all fake) for the welding of ball and the component on the motherboard using a Amtech 100% authentic …. bought from reliable sources, with a maturity of up to code and with serial controlled on site Amtech. Let us remember that in fact use grade fluxes affect much on the goodness of the final …

AMTECH original RMA 223

reball BGA sony acer asus toshiba

reball BGA sony acer asus toshiba

In this image using a stencil to air direct mounted on a station reballing 90 Ă— 90: I actually stencil of all types but prefer those processed directly with streams of air.

Reballing ball tin HP Pavilion DV6-6169sl

In the next photo even use a stencil to air direct mounted on a spring Morsetta few euro ….

Phase reballing

The important thing is the result ….

reballato ready nVidia chip BGA AMD

… That is a chip perfectly reballato with tin lead … ready to be soldered on the motherboard HP Pavilion DV6-6169sl

chip reballing ball BGA 0.5 0.6 0.75 AMD nVidia

After finishing rework let cool slowly the motherboard of the ‘HP Pavilion DV6-6169sl and in the meantime let us dedicate ourselves to the cleaning of the fan and heatsink.

cleaning fan and heatsink HP Pavilion DV6-6169sl

how clean the fan and heatsink HP Pavilion DV6-6169sl

I clean the fan and heatsink HP Pavilion DV6-6169sl

Normally I do not just clean the fan only with compressed air: the clean up thoroughly and lubricate with special lubricating solution.

Restore fan fan and heatsink HP Pavilion DV6-6169sl

restoring fan and heatsink HP Pavilion DV6-6169sl

I conclude then cleaned again processor and video chip by any flux residues and possibly appico the thermal paste of excellent quality.

thermal paste AMD GPU BGA HP Pavilion DV6-6169sl

Now I try to make a first power HP Pavilion DV6-6169sl, reassembling the bare minimum … result ??? It turns on!!!

Support HP Pavilion dv6 1230sl

Later I care to perform a firmware upgrade and to test for the right PC: the firmware update is in my opinion very useful because in many cases fixes minor bugs in the regulation and control of the temperature in this case make a difference.

HP Pavilion DV6-6169sl repaired



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