Sony Vaio VGN-NW11S PCG-7171M Will Not Turn On

Sony VAIO VGN-NW11 does not light

Mock Up: 

Sony Vaio VGN-NW11S PCG-7171M


Sony Vaio VGN-NW11S PCG-7171 Will Not Turn On

Pressing the power button, the LED lights up, the PC seems to start but then my screen remains blank.

Cause of the problem:

The ATI Radeon HD 4500 is shorted or desoldering it from the motherboard (due to faulty soldering tin and lead-free)


Reflow Or Reballing Graphics Processor Sony Vaio VGN-NW11

In this article I describe how I do a repair on this model that unlike many other Sony Vaio that lead me in the laboratory does not have nVidia graphics chip, but rather a small ATI Radeon which seems to give problems after some years of use.

What are the symptoms of this anomaly? Virtually turned the pc seems to show signs of life (especially the LEDs come on …) but screen does not appear the classic VAIO logo.

If we are in these conditions and it occurred out of the blue, we have no other solution than to perform a reflow or reballing video card.

The repair is described reballing followed by reflow ie detachment and risaldatura complete graphics processor. The solution involves detachment of the graphics processor (GPU), cleaning of the tracks on the motherboard, repositioning of the balls of tin and risaldatura (reflow) of the BGA.

Normally, the processor is soldered to the original but – if ruined by a previous attempt to repair or malfunctioning – you can replace it with a new one.

However on this model in some cases I have had excellent results with a reflow without reballing but if done in a workmanlike and professional equipment. Result: cost and time significantly lower.

The model I’ve worked on in this article is a Sony Vaio VGN-NW11S / PCG-7171M but the defect is also found on other models in the same series.

Sony VAIO VGN-NW11 video problems

Sony VAIO PCG-7171 chassis VGN-NW11

Sony VGN-NW11S PCG-7171M

We proceed. Let’s start with the flip the unit and unscrew all the screws of the body, remove the battery and the various covers and dismantle hard disk and RAM banquets.

repair Sony VGN-NW11S vaio PCG-7171M

This model is quite simple to remove as it has no wires that make revolutions strange or plates scattered everywhere is very basic and the motherboard is made from a single piece.

We arrange to dismantle later burner which also hides other screws of the body.

Sony VGN-reflow NW11S PCG-7171M

Now rigibaltiamo for a moment and let us reflect on the PC keyboard. We have to practically put some tools in thin plastic in the edge of the frame (a plastic screwdriver, pick or similar tool) and prying gently raise the keyboard.

Keyboard Sony VGN-NW11S PCG-7171M

with the keyboard raised, we have to remove the flat: the plug is normally covered by a blue film. Let’s remove it, we open manhole connector and detach the flat.

Subsequently, during the replacement of the keyboard, remember to put the film or some paper tape as I found that the flat over time tends – under the stress of the keyboard – to come off without notice.


Sony VGN-opening NW11S vaio PCG-7171M

Now we can arrange to drop the other two flat.

Sony VAIO VGN-NW11S PCG-7171M does not light

Now turn upside down again pc and work on the body below: if we extracted all the screws, prying between the plates, we should easily split.

motherboard Sony vaio VGN-NW11S PCG-7171M

Let us dwell on the group dissipation. We’ll have to take it apart to remove the 4 screws that bind him to the processor CPU, the 3 screws that hold the plate on the other two processors and the fan screws.

motherboard Sony vaio VGN-NW11S PCG-7171M

Detach all plugs, including the leads WiFi antenna. In this case we can cmq not to take apart the coupon WiFi.

problems Sony vaio VGN-NW11S PCG-7171M

Svitiamo metal plate unit and smontiamone Bluetooth module.

open Sony vaio PCG-7171 VGN-NW11

Detach the cable modem. We can not to take apart the ticket of the modem, do not bother.

repair Sony PCG-7171 VGN-NW11

We arrange to remove the dissipation unit including fan:

Fan Sony PCG-7171 VGN-NW11

clean fan Sony PCG-7171 VGN-NW11

And here detached the boiler.

Note that processor is originally a thermal grease type rather dense and double, while the two chip RAM move heat on the plate through two thermally conductive pad.

overheating Sony PCG-7171 VGN-NW11

And here the main board of Sony VGN-NW11S. On the right you can see the small graphics chip ATI Radeon HD 4500 that needs rework.

motherboard sony PCG-7171 VGN-NW11

Before working on the motherboard is good to clean all processors residue thermal grease and dirt.

processor sony PCG-7171 VGN-NW11

Given the high temperatures to which I submit the motherboard is best to disconnect the battery (may explode …) and also all possible nasti insulation that could melt.

Sony VAIO PCG-7171 battery VGN-NW11

Now we begin the task of reballing and reflow.

The rework I implemented is done through classical station and despite my experience, however, I must be very careful with the temperature in pre-heat, Desoldering reflow-risaldatura. Then attack with Kapton tape a thermocouple probe to the back side of the motherboard, at ATI radeon: in this way I will know at what temperature will be submitted to the processor, consult the thermal profile of this BGA … and start to enjoy myself.


reball reflow Sony VAIO PCG-7171 VGN-NW11

reball bga Sony VAIO PCG-7171 VGN-NW11

bga rework reball sony PCG-7171 VGN-NW11

replacement graphics card sony PCG-7171 VGN-NW11

reballing sony PCG-7171 VGN-NW11

Once the long and painstaking process of reballing and reflow, I try to make a first power, without having to reassemble everything ..

dismantling PCG-7171 VGN-NW11

OK lights!

test ignition PCG-7171 VGN-NW11

Now you can reassemble everything and then run some programs to test the goodness of repair !!

sony PCG-7171 VGN-NW11 repaired


sony PCG-7171 VGN-NW11 functioning


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