Sony Vaio PCG-71211M VPCEB1A4E Vertical lines display fault

Sony Vaio PCG-71211M VPCEB1A4E

The Sony VAIO PCG-71211M VPCEB1A4E Shows Vertical Stripes And Artefizi

Video Problems Sony Vaio PCG-71211M VPCEB1A4E

problem rows VPCEB1A4E PCG-71211M

If your laptop Sony Vaio PCG-71211M VPCEB1A4E lights but shows artefizi screen as vertical stripes, colored cubes , or as in the example shown here colorful characters , it is very likely to have some problem with the motherboard. In particular acting up is the video processor ATI Radeon that needs a revisit.

There are several versions of this model: I have already published other repairs of similar models: vpceb3z1e and vpceb1s1e .

Problem Video Sony Vaio PCG-71211M VPCEB1A4E

The operations described here are for just this type of repair that provides a rework of BGA ATI.

The defect that showed the car that I have delivered is widespread on other handsets: despite Sony was devoid of hard drives, startup showed strange symptoms such as colors scattered on the screen, characters full of artefizi, anomalous vertical lines as shown by the next photo :

artefizi screen Sony Vaio PCG-71211M VPCEB1A4E

To resolve this problem you can proceed with a reballing with tin lead or with complete replacement of the ATI graphics chip.Normally if the component is not ruined me it just replaces the ball with tin solder with lead.

Video Issues Sony VAIO PCG-71211M VPCEB3Z1E

We begin to remove all the screws, doors and components on the underside of VAIO:

open Sony VAIO PCG-71211M VPCEB1A4E

Now it’s up to the keyboard. Insert thickness and gently detach the keyboard.

Keyboard Sony Vaio PCG-71211M VPCEB1A4E

Raise the keyboard and stacchiamone the flat.

disassemble change keyboard VPCEB1A4E Sony VAIO PCG-71211M

Sony VAIO PCG-71211M VPCEB1A4E not turn

Detach all wires, flat and any screws in the keyboard compartment with a plastic tool separate the two shells.

how to repair VPCEB1A4E Sony VAIO PCG-71211M

repair Sony Vaio PCG-71211M VPCEB1A4E

And here we are finally in front of the motherboard that looks very similar to other Sony Vaio.

Looking at the motherboard, the processor is not only covered by the heat sink is related to the chipset: sometimes I even had to make a rework of this component over the GPU.

motherboard VPCEB1A4E Sony VAIO PCG-71211M

We begin to dismantle it, starting from the WiFi module. Then we dismantle all connectors, plugs, battery, screws and bolts at the base of the heatsink.

reballing Sony VAIO PCG-71211M VPCEB1A4E

Video Issues Sony VAIO PCG-71211M VPCEB1A4E

black screen VPCEB1A4E Sony VAIO PCG-71211M

Eye at the time when we raise the motherboard from the body: in fact there is the big flat carrying the signal to the bet slip side with USB and audio jacks; This is to unhook cautiously ..

how to solve problem Sony Vaio PCG-71211M VPCEB1A4E

Support problem Sony Vaio PCG-71211M VPCEB1A4E

Now let’s remove the heatsink – fan.

fan heatsink VPCEB1A4E Sony VAIO PCG-71211M

And here discovered processors: on the left the object of our interest, the ATI graphics processor and on the right the Intel Core I5.

display Sony VAIO PCG-71211M VPCEB1A4E

On this PC had already been replaced with a new heat conducting paste containing silver particles: personally I avoid using this type of pasta, preferring a plain white or if I have to use the thickness of copper or a more powerful Artic silver.


The first thing to do is then clean with plenty accortenza the motherboard and the components to work.

The old paste should be completely eliminated with a cotton bud and with very little solution (spray dry contacts) to prevent particles of this pasta end up below the components.

Below are two photos on top of the motherboard signed mbx-224 m960_mp_mb .

motherboard VPCEB1A4E PCG-71211M mbx-224 m960_mp_mb

motherboard VPCEB1A4E PCG-71211M mbx-224 m960_mp_mb

After cleaning, let’s start with the preheating and the rework of the GPU ATI consisting of a reballing or a complete replacement of the component. In some cases I have had to work also related to the BGA chipsets.

Here are some steps involved in rework of BGA.

reflow reballing VPCEB1A4E PCG-71211M mbx-224 m960_mp_mb

rework VPCEB1A4E PCG-71211M mbx-224 m960_mp_mb

The pictures up to now show the use of a preheating station, and a hot-air turbine, a station in the subsequent semi automatic.

reballing repair VPCEB1A4E PCG-71211M mbx-224 m960_mp_mb

problem motherboard PCG-71211M

The next steps show a reballing:

Reballing VPCEB1A4E Vaio PCG-71211M mbx-224 m960_mp_mb

replacement chip video VPCEB1A4E Vaio PCG-71211M mbx-224 m960_mp_mb

replacement chip ATI VPCEB1A4E PCG-71211M mbx-224 m960_mp_mb

reball chip ATI VPCEB1A4E PCG-71211M mbx-224 m960_mp_mb

problems chip ATI VPCEB1A4E PCG-71211M mbx-224 m960_mp_mb

ATI graphics chip problem VPCEB1A4E PCG-71211M mbx-224 m960_mp_mb

how to repair chips ATI VPCEB1A4E PCG-71211M mbx-224 m960_mp_mb

In the next photo using a semi automatic train professional:

reballing motherboard PCG-71211M

rework motherboard PCG-71211M

After work rework meanwhile expect the cooling of the motherboard, I am making a thorough cleaning and lubrication of the fan and of course sink which as you can see from the next photos are really very dirty.

cleaning fan heatsink VPCEB1A4E Vaio PCG-71211M

how clean the fan heatsink VPCEB1A4E Vaio PCG-71211M

overheating Sony VAIO PCG-71211M VPCEB1A4E

Many owners of Sony Vaio PCG-71211M VPCEB1A4E should know that the vast majority of failures in this PC are caused by overheating due to cooling problems. It ‘so important to keep the fan and heatsink always in good shape, cleaning them at least every two years.

overheating problem VPCEB1A4E Sony VAIO PCG-71211M

clean fan VPCEB1A4E Sony VAIO PCG-71211M

Now mount partially PC to see if I signs of life … I try to turn on and … it seems to come on without any artefizio!

Sony VAIO PCG-71211M VPCEB1A4E repaired

At this point I decided to apply two variants dissipation, so again I remove the fan and heat sink:

the first variant is the insertion of a copper plate (cut specifically for the processors and available in different thicknesses and dimensions) between the processor and the heat sink; using this thick copper is preferable to use a thermal paste softer so I apply a white paste classical very thin and less hardening of the usual Artic.

thermal paste VPCEB1A4E Sony VAIO PCG-71211M

copper heatsink VPCEB1A4E Vaio PCG-71211M

The second variant is to increase the speed of the fan: after this repair I thought it useful set it to full power, feeding it directly with 5Volt of a USB port.

We are wishing we could apply an external switch or a potentiometer for manual setting; if we could switch to decide whether to use the automatic feeding of the PC or set fixed 5Volt.

In this case, for example, we could increase the fan speed and improve cooling in the summer by simply pressing a button.

ventilation VPCEB1A4E Vaio PCG-71211M

The common thread is what usually brings the voltage and current to the fan.

change fan VPCEB1A4E Vaio PCG-71211M

To withdraw 5Volt we can use the point marked in the next picture (fuse) or withdraw from the leg 5Volt USB.

fan cooling fan VPCEB1A4E PCG-71211M

If you choose to pay off the positive fan on pin USB port, considered the first leg as seen from outside the connector:

replacing fan fan VPCEB1A4E PCG-71211M

I can then proceed to replace the entire machine and perform the usual tests on temperature, power and endurance.

Finally, Our Sony Vaio PCG-71211M VPCEB1A4E Is Back To Work !!



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