Samsung NP-R610 Overheating Problems

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We start from the instruments:

  • set of precision screwdrivers:   are fundamental. Better to use magnetized tools to facilitate us transactions with microscrews present in laptops. Personally I use different, but I prefer the ones with the sleeve that can rotate so as not to consume your fingers while screwing / unscrewing. I avoid svitatori absolutely electric as they can ruin the plastic screws and very delicate.
  • spray compressed air   should never miss
  • contact spray dry:   it is not mandatory .. but in some cases it can be useful, if only to clean the chips from the old thermal paste. Much better than alcohol or similar!
  • Thermal Paste: okay kind of a cheap white; those with silver content are better but can conduct current if smudged during application … in almost all cases, the normal white paste is more than enough.
  • Brush: just a common brush with long bristles and resistant, to remove dirt and dust from fans, heat sinks, circuits, etc.

Let us begin by checking the model of our PC:

Restore Samsung NP-R610 napoli

This pc, like all Samsung, is devoid of frills and well built. This can be seen even from the internal cleansing, and the structure of the motherboard and the components.

We begin to dismantle all parts below: battery, RAM, HardDisk. The coupon WiFi in this case can not be reached by the branches below:

Opening Samsung NP-R610 napoli

Svitiamo all screws from underneath and only then we can disconnect the keyboard, gently pushing the headlights small tabs that keep it fixed.

Keyboard replacement Samsung NP R610 napoli

Now we can remove all the pins and flat below the keyboard:

Remove Samsung NP R610 napoli

Leveraging with some element in thin plastic (I used a special tool .. but it’s good enough ATM card into disuse or rather a plectrum guitar ..) you have to remove the upper part of the body from the lower, as in the picture:

repair Samsung NP R610 napoli

At this point we are finally in front of the motherboard:

repair motherboard Samsung NP R610 napoli

Now we can remove the remaining wires WiFi antenna.

Subsequently to get to the fan / heatsink we must necessarily remove the motherboard from the body below;

and to do this you need to unscrew all the screws that hold it fixed and raise the left hinge of the monitor, lifting the little that is used to remove the motherboard.

restore motherboard Samsung R610 napoli

Now we work on the other side of the board, by unscrewing the screws that hold the drive heatsink and fan:

repair fan and heatsink Samsung R610 napoli

We clean all the dust, we remove the old thermal paste and sostituiamola processors with the new one:

let us help with the brush and with the compressed air to remove dust and a bit of paper soaked in alcohol or contact spray dry (I recommend that it is written explicitly ‘dry’) to remove the residue of old thermal paste

Now remount: richiudiamo tightening the screws on the heat sink in numerical order engraved on the plate of the heat sink, connect the cable of the fan and insert the motherboard back gently into the chassis.

We follow all the steps to reassemble the computer and in the end we test with any program that monitors temperature of CPU / processor, if everything works out regularly. Personally I often use this program:HWMonitor

Support Samsung R610 napoli


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