Samsung LS19PMASFY Repair Voltage Feeder Circuit

Difficult Or Impossible To Turn On The Samsung LCD TV LS19


Samsung LCD TV Monitor LS19PMASFY

Here’s how to solve FINALLY (tested to 100%) a classic problem of this panel that many of us possess …

..maybe because it was given as a gift with a collection point station ..

Let’s say that as a unit despite being exceeded, the positive thing has to be also a TV that, although devoid of digital decoder, it is always enjoyable to use perhaps as TV or PC monitor ..

Details / symptoms:

When you turn on this samsung 19 inch lcd of the screen lights up for a second,
after which the image goes away.

In practice, the menu appears for a second then immediately goes out.
The light of the LED button ignition remains on (blue) but the screen does not by then signs of life.

While trying the technique to redo the welds (often crumble with heat …) unfortunately do not get any improvement and the problem persists.




The problem is due to a component present on the power board.

The element is a transducer trasformatorino with initials: TMS91429CT .

Substituting this damn (very few welds ..) you can reset the monitor.

The component should buy it on the internet, I took on eBay about 15 euro if I remember correctly .. This is because the electronics stores often have something similar but not fully compatible. You have to buy this and just:

 Feeder TMS91429CT

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