Restoring MacBook A1181

Restoring An Apple MacBook Mod. A1181 2006

A customer brought me a Apple MacBook model a1181 really shabby and lacking in many parts and asked me to retrieve it, trying not to let him spend too much but doing so the pc returned (more or less) to work.

Here’s how it appeared aesthetically the MacBook, in this version in a nice black / dark gray:

Restoring an Apple MacBook mod.  a1181


Aesthetically, we say that – apart from a few scratches and dirt and rift – the Mac was also passable.


repair Apple MacBook mod.  a1181


repair Apple MacBook mod.  a1181

The first thing I tried to do was apply a MagSafe power (he was not provided) and try to press the power button. Result: no sign of life.

So I started to dismantle the MacBook A1181 and I found that was equipped with a single RAM (not the most suitable for this model), lacked the Hard Disk (pictured it mounts one of my test) and worst thing that lacked flat connects keyboard / touch the logic board.

Support Apple MacBook mod.  a1181

The problem is that without the connection flat keyboard is impossible even groped to launch this Mac as the power button is an integral part of the keyboard.

So I searched around a scheme that show me the pad power to do so turn on your Mac simply by shorting two pins (usually is).

I found so many indications on the pads for alternative power button of the MacBook which I promptly published in this article on the pad alternative to power a MacBook without power button .

Unfortunately for this model are not able to find anything so I improvised and I managed to find two feet, the keyboard connector, which could turn the Mac.

I found them, are those shown in the next photo:


Support Apple MacBook mod.  a1181 napoli

With an electric cable I made contact with the two points and …

MacBook A1181 Came On !!

open Apple MacBook mod.  a1181 napoli

After contacting the owner to give him good news, we agreed to a partial and temporary repair: asked me practically to mount on this MacBook A1181 a hard drive, a decent operating system (Snow Leopard for this machine is perfect) and two Banquet compatible memory.

Furthermore, since the flat keyboard was ordered, he asked me to install a temporary power button in order to use it with a keyboard and mouse usb external: horrible thing for me … but the customer decided so and as you know the customer always right …

I then proceeded to solder two wires on the points indicated by applying hot glue a power button on the outside of the case.

Apple MacBook mod.  a1181

I then mounted two RAM DDR2 1GB one and installed Snow Leopard …

Apple MacBook mod.  a1181 functioning

Since I was there I also clean the fan and heat sink …. the client was happy enough and was able to use this machine until the arrival of the missing component, the flat keyboard.

In short, a partial success .. but always a success !!


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