Restoring Bios Asus K52 K53 K55 K56

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ASUS K52 K53 K55 K56 Does Not Start


The ASUS K52 K53 K55 K56 Stops Working After Updating BIOS

ASUS K56 K56CB K56CA K56CM does not start


Bios Corrupt Asus K52 K53 K55 K56 After Updating Automatically Or Manually


bios chip programmer TL866A for bios chip EEPROM Winbond W25Q64


Programming Or Replace The BIOS Chip

Some of the models Asus which applies this solution:

K53SV K53SD K53E K53SC K53U K53SJ K53SM K53BE K53SV K53E K53SD K53SM K53SJ K53SC K53BE K53BY K52JC K52JU K52JR K52DR K52F K52JB K52JE K52JK K55VD K55VJ K55DE K55A K55DR K55N K55VM K55VS And Many More ..

With the proposed solution it is possible to solve common problems with these models as Asus:

– ASUS K52 K53 K55 K56 Lights (Not Flash);

– ASUS K52 K53 K55 K56 Has Black Screen;

– Bios Corrupt ASUS K52 K53 K55 K56

I have gotten many models of Asus, all with the same problem: at any moment the ‘Asus K52, K53, K55, K56 stops start seems particularly after an automatic update BIOS .

Or after an attempt manual BIOS update (Flash Bios). No matter: the Asus K no longer starts.

How To Restore The BIOS Of ‘Asus Series K52 K53 K55 Or K56?

You may have read about some of the site recovery procedures Bios .

Perfect. Do not bother with: format USB keys, insert files Bios appropriately renamed, press key combinations special NOT SERVE ‘NOTHING THIS TIME (unfortunately).

Why? On other occasions and with other PC recovery BIOS is possible with USB drives, Floppy or CD properly prepared and a simple key combination pressed when the PC; in other cases it is necessary also short some points on motherboards or disconnect the battery CMOS backup (the case of some Toshiba).

But in this case , with these Asus, NO: it will not work any of this.

What Is The Solution Then To Recover These Series Asus K56 K55 K53 K52 ??

There is a solution but it is not for everyone: it is to replace the EEPROM chip , which is the model Winbond W25Q64 (or similar)with a new one and then program it with a version of BIOS compatible with your motherboard.

Bios Chip ASUS K56CB K56CA K56CM Winbond W25Q64

The problem is known to Asus it is under warranty until the parent returns smoothly the Bios Series K55 K56 K53 K52. This happens because this anomaly with the Bios is unclear: it may be the component to be defective or update mechanism for Windows 8 that lets you manage and update the BIOS directly.

The fact is that in most cases they are not even able to reprogram the original chip with EEPROM programmer, a sign that there is some defect (not detected by the software programming).

All that remains is to mount a chip of the family Winbond W25Q64 (eg W25Q64FV ) brand new course previously programmed with a programmer similar to that in the following picture:

TL866A programmer for bios chip EEPROM

I personally have a very versatile professional programmer: TL866A. With adapters and clips can be programmed around.

The model I repaired in this article is an Asus motherboard with K56CM. The abbreviation is present as screen printing on the motherboard and also on the label

asus motherboard K56CM

The Asus K56 CM object of this repair is a relatively recent model, mounts I5 CPU and a GPU nVidia GeForce GT 635m.Obviously, there are various versions of this model, with I7 processor.

ignition problem ASUS K56 K56CB K56CA K56CM

my asus k56CM K56 CM

The following picture is a model of Asus K56 CPU I7:

my asus k56CM K56 CM i7 cpu does not light

We begin to dismantle the machine to get to the BIOS chip soldered on the bottom of the motherboard.

Writing BIOS ASUS K56

Remove this Asus K56CM is really simple because its architecture is trivial. We have to unscrew a few screws and remove the plastic shell; then we can Employment on the motherboard.

Chip ASUS bios problem K56CB K56CA K56CM

We begin with the unscrew the 3 screws of the large lid and rimuoviamlo by sliding. This hides the hard drive and RAM.

ASUS K56 problem K56CB K56CA K56CM black screen

Remove all screws, even those that secure the hard disk. And let’s remove it of course …

repair ASUS K56 K56CB K56CA K56CM

Then it’s up to the writer-DVD player ..

problems start ASUS K56 K53 K52 K55

After removing all the screws we use a tool to separate the plastic from the rest of the body below the top.

ASUS K56 K53 K52 K55 does not start

ASUS K56 K53 K52 K55 bios corrupt

program bios ASUS K56 K53 K52 K55

After removing the body can get the mother of ‘ A sus K56 CM:

replacement chip bios ASUS K56 K53 K52 K55

We remove all the screws holding the motherboard to the top then we disconnect all cables and flat.

Winbond W25Q64 repair motherboard ASUS K56 K56CB K56CA K56CM

Then we raise slightly the motherboard on one side, without removing it completely as there are two other flat to detach, what the keyboard and that to which the ticket side (USB and audio jacks). Be gentle when you disconnect everything and above all ….remember to reattach connectors and flat during assembly.

disassemble motherboard ASUS K56 K56CB K56CA K56CM

The flat black is to disconnect the keyboard.

problems motherboard ASUS K56 K56CB K56CA K56CM

Near the CMOS backup battery are the EEPROM Winbond W25Q64 defective. This is formed by a SMD with 8-pin, 4 on each side. There are many variations of EEPROM, shape and capacity (memory) different.

Winbond problem W25Q64 bios Asus K56CM

At this point I have two options:

– Write the BIOS software directly on the chip without desoldering or replace it (not recommended);


program a new BIOS chip and solder it in place of the (recommended);

We see the first possibility: attack the programmer, apply the clip to the EEPROM, the backup battery detachment (which is recommended), run the program and try to program the EEPROM ..

program the Bios Asus K52 K53 K55 K56

Then I select the right component, the correct BIOS file and septum some settings … then start erasing and writing of memory …

how to program Bios Asus K52 K53 K55 K56

programming restore Bios Asus K52 K53 K55 K56

The process of writing obviously not work if the component is defective. Then you just have to try the other procedure, tocomplete replacement of the component .

The first thing to do is to program the chip again. To do well to procure the component must have the right programming interface that is a PLCC adapter for our pinout.

W25Q64 ASUS BIOS program that does not start

… And that in the next photo is the right one for our silicon chip ..

program to replace BIOS W25Q64 ASUS K Series

Some might ask: why not before we replace the chip and then after we program easily with the clip as seen before?

Better not: in fact often are unable to program the chip when soldered on the motherboard, the programming can highlight errors .. to avoid problems so better schedule it before.

The software provides us with guidance on how to place the component on the panel of the programmer ..

how to program replace bios ASUS K Series

Then insert the chip in the adapter BIOS, load the correct firmware and start programming.

reset bios ASUS K Series

Under the new chip Winbond W25Q64 bios beside the defective before removal work.

replacement bios ASUS K56 K53 K52 K55

To remove the component can act with hot air or with classic soldering iron, always helping with the dough firm.

Support ASUS K56 K53 K52 K55 K56CB K56CA K56CM

Winbond problem W25Q64 bios Asus K56CM not turn

After removing the component you make a clean tracks then proceed to the fixing of the new EEPROM.

how to repair ASUS K56 K53 K52 K55

And here’s the result: component welded .. but funzionar√† then ?? We must continue to mount and the Asus ..

25Q64 problem bios ASUS K56 K53 K52 K55 K56CB K56CA K56CM

I do a first test result …?

Asus K56CM With The New Bios Lights !!

ASUS K56 K53 K52 K55 K56CB K56CA K56CM bios corrupt

ASUS K56 K53 K52 K55 K56CB K56CA K56CM repaired

I try to set some information such as date and time, to save and reboot: lights without problems!

programming EEPROM asus bios k56CM k25q64fv

Complete closure of ‘Asus K56CM and I perform other tests …

ASUS K56 K53 K52 K55 K56CB K56CA K56CM recovery bios

ASUS K56 K53 K52 K55 K56CB K56CA K56CM functioning

The problem with the bios dell’Asus K56CM is only a distant memory!

bios reset programmed ASUS K56 K53 K52 K55 K56CB K56CA K56CM

If you also have a Asus K52 K55 K56 K53a with startup problems caused by Bios corrupt and need assistance please contact me!

*** Caution: ***

If you want to recover the BIOS on your Asus


If you look for a chip already programmed ready to be welded

*** Please contact me !!! ***

asus k56CM k25q64fv


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