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Wrong Update Bios


Reset Bios Via USB Floppy

problem bios acer 1650

A customer desperate handed me this Acer 1650 completely dead. Practically he tried an update of bios, downloading from the site ACER the first such official versions you see in the next photo (BIOS for ATI X700 Graphic Card):

ACER BIOS not working

I strongly suggest you do not make absolutely no update BIOS on this machine: and in any case, not scaricatevi these BIOS page from Acer: none of these BIOS for Acer 1650 is a version with ATI and Intel, it works !! Tested all !!! It seems strange but true. Further on there is a working version for Acer 1650 with ATI RADEON X300

Here’s what we need:

Another PC running Windows.

– External USB Floppy Drive:    one can not do without, I tried it with USB sticks, CD autorun, etc .. NOTHING !! You do have to have a USB floppy drive. This is the only limit here procedure!

a floppy disk: it seems easy, but now they are nowhere to be found …

Program Crisis_Recovery_Disk : to create a floppy avviante. You can download it from HERE :

Bios for Acer original 1650 version of ATI : ATI version S3A33 1B19. You can download it from HERE :

problem bios acer 1650

We start to create us the floppy for the operation. We connect the USB floppy to another PC, we insert a floppy, unpack and execute WINCRIS.EXE present inside.

The software will allow you to format and create a boot disk. Select CREATE MINIDOS Crisis Disk and proceed by clicking on START.

WINCRIS.EXE Crisis_Recovery_Disk bios boot floppy

During the creation of the software will allow you to format the floppy. We proceed by clicking Start (see photo below).

WINCRIS.EXE Crisis_Recovery_Disk bios boot floppy

At the end it will alert message with the outcome of creation:

WINCRIS.EXE Crisis_Recovery_Disk bios boot floppy

Now, if we open the contents of the disc we’ll see several including a BIOS.WPH fictitious. This will have to be eliminated and replaced by nost real BIOS that we downloaded from the link above (or from some other reliable source).

The name of the file on the floppy will be always “BIOS.WPH” (lowercase or maiuscono does not matter).

Now we detach the reader and USB Floppy attacchiamolo to one of its sides dell’Acero 1650.

reset bios acer 1650

Now, the next steps are to do the course as DARK screen will not see anything.

We attack the PC power supply, press the FN + ESC simultaneously and – while we keep them down – we press the power button.We will hear some BIP then the floppy start to blend, would silently for a moment and the PC will start to make a whole series of BIP. You realize that all is well if the floppy runs in the process.

Let also the FN and ESC are waiting … and eventually the PC restarts alone … fingers crossed …

restore bios acer 1650

restore bios acer 1650 recovery floppy

Result … COME ON !!!

restore bios acer 1650 recovery floppy


BIOS for ATI X700 Graphic Card acer 1650

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