Replacing The LCD Screen Fluorescent With The LED


In this article I explain how to replace a type of LCD display of a notebook that has been split (a acer 5735).

As this type of LCD panels – whose characteristic is to be illuminated by a neon mini powered by an inverter – are out of production for some time , in order to repair a broken screen until a few months ago, the service centers and repair shops were forced to order the original component p again agandolo a fortune , or stock up on the used market.


For some time now instead exist in the market for conversion cables LCD -> LED that allows mounting the latest and economic panels to the LED on the computer more outdated: all in favor of the costs.

Here is a smart and economical to repair broken screens of laptops.

In the example that I propose below, replace a cross-section of an Acer 5735 LCD with an LED brand new.


replacement display Acer 5735

L ‘Acer Aspire 5735 mounts a 15.6. This format is not really widespread then find the original screen – even on the used market – is a difficult task.

We begin to remove the panel.

repair LCD LED Acer 5735

This we see in the photo below is the original LCD panel. As you can see, the connector is TOP RIGHT .

Replacement LCD LED Acer

The original display is signed B156XW01.

LCD original acer 5735 B156XW01

The panel you see in the next photo, instead, is a LED which obviously does not use any inverter to run.

Note that the connector panel LED is BOTTOM LEFT .

LED screen acer 5735

To make this compatible with the LED source connector, sold the conversion kit from LED to CCFL .

converter cable LCD LED

The cable consists of a flat connector with ‘female’ that ranks in TOP RIGHT (just in the same position of the display Originae) and are connected to the connector ‘male’ of the flat original laptop;

the other end of this converter fits BOTTOM LEFT in the new LED display.

It remains to connect the cable that went straight into the inverter before: as the inverter is no longer required (the LED display does not use any inverter to turn on the LED lighting), the cable will be inserted into a special connector converter LED – CCFL .

The photo below shows just that connector that has several plugs, depending on the type of PC you’re working on:

LCD LED converter

On this element are labeled the various models for which this converter is compatible, but should be compatible with other models:

Toshiba L506
Toshiba L505
HP 4520
Samsung R516
Samsung R517
Dell 1545
Dell A860
Sony 7184
Sony nw20ef
Toshiba a130
a135 Toshiba
Toshiba L455
Acer 5552
Acer 5516
Acer 5734z
Acer 5735
Acer 5736
HP 621
Lenovo G555
HP G60
HP dv6
Asus k52c

Here’s how I applied the cable converter to the new display. I used scotch paper that is very light and not ruin the white plastic that is the bottom of the display.

replace LED screen acer 5735

Now we can completely eliminate the inverter that does not need it anymore.

LCD in place of the LED

We insert the connector that was previously entered in the inverter into the socket dedicated to our PC model:

converter lcd led

Personally I preferred to set a little of everything for her going to avoid that one could pull some pin or flat during the opening and closing of the display, or during normal use of the PC.

Aesthetically, it is not much but it is not all visible then I would say that you can defer:

repair broken screen pc

We begin to mount, handling it with extreme caution, the new LED display.

repair broken LCD video pc

I do a first test before the final closing of the panel, to make sure everything is working.

Known that everything works perfectly. Only small problem is a hum coming from the display, but no matter, the noise will be heard barely richiuderò the plastic shell that contains the LED panel.

new laptop screen

And here is the end result … PERFECT !!!

acer 5735 working

The PC back to work great … and the LED display you see beautifully!

All at a cost well below the original LCD!


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