Replacing Display HP Dv3 – 4010sl

Replacing Display HP Dv3 – 4010sl

This time I found myself in front of this very nice HP, with display from 13’3 and Intel Core I7. A computer did very well, aluminum.

Support HP dv-3 4010sl napoli

repair HP dv-3 4010sl napoli

The problem that plagued this PC was just a split screen that I have bought.

The replacement of this panel called for the dismantling of the entire PC .. and made me lose a lot of time because of some straps (keyboard and power button) for their assembly provide for a specific mode.

Attention to the details given here refer to an

Repair HP Pavilion DV3-4010

13-inch model and not to other series

HP Pavilion DV3

that are totally different.

With a few simple steps you can still fix it, and avoid bringing it into a

HP Service

saving a lot of money.

We begin with the disassemble the rear doors and detach all the parts: HardDisk, memory, battery, WiFi Card.

We always keep in order all the screws that svitiamo then reassemble them in the same order and position of the original.

HP Recovery dv-3 4010sl napoli

Now gently try to separate the upper body from the one below, this without pulling out the keyboard as you usually do. In fact, in this model, the keyboard is one with the upper body and then this must be removed whole.

But we must be very careful because there are several strips, including the top one connected to the ignition switch.

Keyboard replacement HP Pavilion DV3 napoli

Dismantling Shell HP DV3-4010

Now to remove the LED panel must unplug everything that is connected to the motherboard, including the monitor connector:

Replacement Monitor HP Pavilion DV3 napoli

Once unplugged the monitor will then separate the three part:

– Shell with lower motherboard

– Shell top with keyboard and touchpad included

– Monitor LED

Motherboard repair dv-3 4010sl napoli

replace keyboard hp dv-3 4010sl napoli

sostiture Display LED HP dv-3 4010sl napoli

Let’s focus now on the panel. Take the screws and we rely on the body to open it.

repair LED pavilion dv-3 4010sl napoli

We dismantle everything. The original panel is an LED 13’3 with the following code:

LP133WH1 (TL) (A2)

Purchase Panel LED HP dv3 napoli

At this point we just have to replace our beautiful

HP DV3 4010

seguento backward steps so far performed with ua special attention to the upper body during assembly / keyboard.

In fact, at this point you are obliged first to enter the 3 connectors straps as in the picture:

Removing HP DV3-4010 napoli

and then, turning gently CLOCKWISE a few degrees, you have to try to be able to plug the top of the switch power:

keyboard repair HP Pavilion DV3 napoli

Do not you have different possibilities. You do have to try to install this connector holding the keyboard rotated clockwise a few degrees. Of course, before closing the upper body make sure that all connectors (especially the keyboard and power button) have been included … I lost a lot of time to close as it should …


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