Repair PSU 6709900023A 6709900019A TV LG 42PC1RV

We must say that this TV has never shone for quality, even considering the high cost of the time … almost 1,500 euro … then compared to a panasonic always era .. the difference shows.

But the fact that after a few years of life, having also used very little, the power supply is showing signs of disconnection … suggests that this product is definitely born bad .. and the annoying thing is that failures (which from what I have seen since the requests received) are common to many owners of this model and show only a guarantee expired …

Service center power supply module costs an eye … they asked me 300 Euros just for the piece .. with the price now have television sets is not that they should be much below .. ‘attempt’ repair homemade .. that But sth time it worked.

Mock Up:


but the solution is also suitable for other LG TV including:

LG 42PC3DVA Plasma

Sigla group PSU defective:


Defect / Anomaly: The TV suddenly turns off, going into protection and you hear a continuous noise relay that opens / closes constantly. The LED alternates relentlessly from green / blue to red.

Details / symptoms:

When you turn it works perfectly, but after a few minutes turns off and the LED changes from green / blue to red and then alternating unabated. The screen TV stops working and you hear a continuous ‘click’ of the relay.
The TV sometimes returns to work if you power off for a few hours.


The cause is due to a series of capacitors placed on the left of the tab PSU power.
These by heat and also probably due to defects in origin, after some time no longer work correctly.

Solution 1:

Replace the PSU. Usually question of model: PSU POWER SUPPLY LG P / N 6709900019A or the equivalent 6709900023A
– Pro: if you do not mind spending is done before
– Cons: The unit costs a lot. And the new piece could be replaced after some time highlight the same defects.

Solution 2:

Replacement of faulty capacitors.

In the case of PSU 6709900023A:

Replace capacitors placed on the left (except the 2 larger), namely:
6 pieces of 4700 mF 10V (or higher voltage)
2 pieces from 1000 mF 25V
2 pieces from 1000 mF 10V
1 piece to 470 mF 25V
1 piece from 1000 mF 50 V

We can avoid replacing the larger capacitors 680mF / 100V, 270mF / 450V and 33mF / 450V as more difficult to find on the market.
For the 6 pieces of 4700 mF 10V can also mount (indeed it is preferable) capacitors capacity greater ( eg. 15V or 25V), however we will have more difficulty in replacing as these are more generous dimensions.

In Red capacitors to replace.


PSU 6709900023A 6709900019A


Feeder 6709900023A LG


Notes: Unfortunately, this type of repair proved inconsistent in some cases. In fact, often the power supply returns to normal operation, and sometimes still does not turn … in some cases instead worked for a few months.

This clearly shows that the problem is elsewhere …

However for a few euro you spend for capacitors and for the time lost, perhaps an attempt should do it ..

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