Repair Acer 5520 Does Not Power On Fix

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Repair The ACER 5520

This time report the steps to repair one of the handsets widespread but with a series of problems to the video card and the motherboard.


These PCs have an unusual appearance that may or may not like: you have light gray / white and were sold with different configurations.

The feature is certainly the most exclusive that have slots for external video card.

Some models are equipped with an external card already, others have only the empty slot.

Restoring Acer 5520G

This series has a big drawback: after a short time some chips flake with two major consequences.

Power On Or Shortly After, Our Acer 5520 Artefizi Shows On The Screen.

Acer 5520 graphics card problems

The Acer 5520 In Practice Turns On And Off Constantly

in an infinite series with the LEDs (shown in red circle) that go out and accendolo infinity.

ignition problem Acer 5520G

Acer 5520 restarts



The Acer 5520 Shows Black Screen

Why it happens?

The PC startup performs an internal test to analyze all of the devices. If something blows up the test PC is packed with the inability to boot.

In this case even the board diagnostic use that gives me error code significantly, this is because the problem is related to a processor / main chip.

Then begin.

First we need the usual kit cacciavitini good quality, hot air station, preheat plates, thermal paste of good quality, brush, any compressed air, flux, thicknesses of copper or aluminum of a thickness of 2mm and not more than 2x2cm of side.

Detach practically everything: power supply, battery and accessories.

how to open Acer 5520


repair Acer 5520

We open the shutters below and we will show the inside.

In the following picture you see the model without external video card. In fact on the left there is a blank space.

Furthermore, there is the second heat sink attached to the fan.

open repair Acer 5520

Detach the two wires of the antennas to the WiFi card, smontiamola and dismantle also the other modem card mounted below it.

WiFi card Acer 5520


Modem Acer 5520

Svitiamo the fan, we disconnect the power cable of the fan, detach the fan, Take the screws that hold the heat sink (or sinks in the case of the model with external video card) and detach the heat sinks gently:

Sink acer 5520

 For models with external video card , unscrew all the screws that Mantega to the motherboard and pull gently.

The model will look like in this photo:

video card acer 5520

The central chip, nVidia’s standards, is one of those that will be the subject of reflow or reball.

Provide to clean it up so well for the thermal paste.

The other processor will be subject to reword that shown in the red circle in the next picture, always a chip nVidia:

Restore acer 5520

Obviously you need to disassemble and remove the whole motherboard from the package to be able to work, whether it be a reflow that obviously a reball.

Then proceed to unscrew ALL the cover screws below the PC, detach the keyboard, all the flat cable and connectors, the card connector video and all the screws you find inside the chassis:

keyboard acer 5520

Gently unplug the monitor, open leveraging the upper body, loosen the screws holding the motherboard attached to the plastic and all connectors:

motherboard acer 5520

Now, we can finally proceed to the work of reflow or reball with proper machines.

Personally work very well with a simple hot air station with special nozzle: you do both reflow that reball, provided you have all the material: stencil, ball, various tools, braid, Kapton tape, fluxes and cleaning fluids.

reball bga sony acer asus toshiba

This is one of the tools that I use:

reball bga sony acer asus toshiba

Doing cool then the whole thing, we can do the same thing for the chip nVidia video card outside, if our model the expected.

If in fact we do not understand which one is the problem, better do a reflow or reball of both.

Afterwards we can spread the thermal paste and apply the thicknesses of aluminum or copper between the thermal grease and heat sinks to screw over: the purpose in this case and do a little more thickness pressing the mark on the motherboard.

Trust me: it works 100%

Richiudiamo all turn on and if the operation is successful (pc finally comes on …) we monitor the fan and temperature.

In my case I can say … SUCCESSFUL ACTION !!!

problem solved acer 5520


acer 5520 repaired



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