Product Information Not Valid System Board 00A

product information not valid HP Compaq


power on the PC is the message:

Product Information Not Valid System Board 00A


HP and Compaq


For Some Reason The HP Or Compaq Computer Is Lost Information Of The Motherboard Or Peripherals (System Board 00A)


With a program you can manually enter this information and avoid the appearance of the message System Board 00A.



After a repair of a Compaq CQ56, start suddenly appeared to me this message.

I must say I was quite puzzled shelter HP or Compaq almost every day and this message I had never seen !!! Every day a surprise … mah.

The message itself does not seem to cause problems if not for the fact that blocks the initiation and forces you to press the ENTER key / ENTER to move on.

In my case I said that some information is missing in the BIOS as:

  • Product Name
  • Product Configuration
  • Product Serial Number
  • Product Number

Fortunately there is a solution.


INTRODUCTION: This procedure should only be performed by personnel HP. Could potentially create some issue where if you follow the instructions below, you do assumendovene responsibility. Are therefore not responsible for damage to your PC nor can I guarantee that the information will solve your problem. The source of this information I have taken from the web and applied successfully on my PC.

That’s what we need:

  • The information required above (may vary case by case basis). Usually some of them can be found on the label under the battery compartment.
  • a USB key to format
  • the special software RUFUS downloadable HERE to create a memory stick autostartante
  • the file downloadable HERE
  • Insert the memory stick into a PC, run RUFUS and make the key executable to boot using the following settings and press “Start” and then confirming with “Ok”.


  • at the end chiudimo the program.
  • We open our key and we have to do is drag the file HPBQ138.exe (not zipped, I recommend !!) in the root directory. The content should be similar to the following picture:



  • Now reboot the PC that makes a nuisance with the pen inserted and carry out a boot from USB stick (to do this press one of the function keys Fx link at the top, try F9 or F10 or F12 or enter the BIOS and change the order of boot).
  • When you start, you will see the classic black screen with white cursone (DOS). We writeHPBQ138.exe¬† and hit enter to run a program called DMIFIT utility.
  • This program allows us now to enter information that are missing (and something more).

Here is the screen that appears after you choose the keyboard type:


DMIFIT hp compaq system board OOA error

  • The list here, are basically:
  1. Serial Number = S / N (this normally under the laptop on some labels)
  2. Notebook Model = (this normally under the laptop on some labels)
  3. GUID Number = random / random
  4. UUID Number = (press 1 to generate this number)
  5. SKU Number = Product Number
  6. CTO Localization Code = Last 3 letters (eg ABA)
  7. MAC Address = random / random
  8. PCID = (present on some adhesive, or even on the battery on the motherboard … It might be like, “PCID: 1234567 …”)
  9. System Board CT # = empty
  • Save and reboot

The boot time should go smoothly !!!

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