Power and Startup Problem Acer 5930G

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Acer 5930G


The Acer 5930G Laptop Will Not Turn On Or Turns On And Off Constantly

This time we see how to repair a laptop Acer 5930G model that can have one of the following problems:

– Does not want to turn on; pressing the power button light up LEDs but the PC is switched off completely almost immediately

-Acer 5930G With Black Screen

– Pc turns on when you insert the power cord and then go out after a few seconds, creating a loop (on and off continuously, repeating). In some cases you will hear a sound similar to a ‘tac’ come from the keypad (or speaker on the bottom)

What is the matter?

There are two problems that afflict mainly this model:

– Problems With The NVidia GeForce 9600M GT Video Card;


– Problems Of The Capacitor (Nec Tokin Below The Processor).

In the situation described here smonteremo pc to get to disassemble the video card, a card model inserted into the slot MXM (then in fact a card ‘external) and then perform a reflow.

Start with disassembly.

acer 5930

We must say that to get to the video card technically do not have to completely disassemble the PC, we are advantaged as it is necessary to remove only the big door that hides beneath this pretty much all my heart dell’Acero 5940: CPU, video card, sinks, fan.

Let’s open this door and this is what you’ll see:

reflow acer 5930

Especially in the upper left you can clearly see the heat sink which stops the video card in slot MXM.

We must not do is to unscrew and remove the fan and remove the nine screws holding the two heatsinks connected to the motherboard.
repair video card acer 5930

Without this we have to unscrew and remove the video card nVidia GeForce 9600M GT which will show similar to the picture below (the data below is actually an Acer 5520 but that of 5930 is similar).

video card acer 5930

We provide time to rework the video card with the usual procedures: preheating, fluxing and reflow or reballing:

reflow reballing nVidia GeForce 9600M GT acer 5920G

repair nVidia GeForce 9600M GT mxm acer 5920G

After the phase of rework, apply silicone termorestitente along the edges to increase the tightness of the BGA, provider and then to clean the entire group of dissipation.

Of particular importance here is the application of thermal paste of excellent quality as this coupon heats a lot and, as I said earlier, it is convenient to update the BIOS: What to do in the Windows environment (operation safer).

After cleaning the entire group dissipation remount everything and check how it goes our Acer 5930G, through software control temperature.


If you still will not run the next step is to completely dismantle the PC and analyze the motherboard: in this particular model has a capacitor NEC TOKIN that on many models start to make the tantrums: this is the first component to be controlled.

Another tip I can give is to try to remove the battery on the motherboard and monitor both the flat monitor that the cable connector power: in some cases, in fact, the loop that prevented the restart was due to their own faults to connectors – once detached and reattached – magically allowed restarting the PC!

Acer 5930 repaired


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