Overheating Problems With ASUS Eee Top PC ET2202 ET 2002

Mock Up:

ASUS Eee Top PC ET2202 ET 2002 Azure Wave NE785H


PC EeeTop PC ET Overheats And Turns Off After A Few Seconds.

Features: PC with TouchScreen and Allinone system (core inside the monitor)

Asus Eee Top ET2002 ET2202 assistance napoli


A beautiful PC no doubt about it. A bit slow, because of its Atom processor but has the peculiarity that is touch screen is well suited for those environments – such as a doctor or dentist – where you need to operate even with gloves directly without having to use the keyboard or mouse. It goes beautifully with Windows7.The video card is also quite powerful than the processor that – I repeat – is too slow.

The problem I encountered with this type of PC is that the fan that shoots air upward, sucking it from the bottom type vacuum cleaner. So, unless you do not use it hung on a wall, in a few months, this unit will start to suffer from too much heat, the fan will always be at maximum speed and the PC after a while will stop working or will turn off after a few minutes of operation if not breaking entirely in severe cases.

How Ripare Your ASUS EeeTop PC ET

To resolve this problem is therefore essential to open it and perform the usual operations:

– Cleaning Fan

– Cleaning Sink

– Change of thermally conductive paste.

Then proceed with the opening which is the most annoying thing in this unit.

We must first pull ALL the screws, including one that’s WELL HIDDEN under a sticker (shown on the left in the next picture):


Support ASUS EeeTop PC ET 2002 napoli

After playing with the screws, we must leverage with some thick plastic (maybe one of those tools to open mobile …) or a card / credit card no longer active … even better would be to use a PLECTRUM guitars.

Anyway the back of the cover is stuck really well so look hard for a while … if you have to take it apart, however, do too much leverage attention, look good that you’ve probably forgotten a screw …

Once opened you will end the following situation:

Support ASUS EeeTop PC ET napoli

Provide to release all that is connected to the aluminum mask on the right, as the SATA cable, unscrew the screws of the cover and pulling the tape that holds the rest of the chassis, lift it:

assistance motherboard Asus Eee Top napoli

We then got to the heatsink / fan.

We dismantle the fan, stacchiamone the power cable (remember to reconnect after …), Take the screws of the heat sink and we clean everything from dust and the old thermal paste.

Heatsink ASUS EeeTop PC ET 2002


repair ASUS EeeTop PC ET napoli

After making a painstaking cleaning of all parties, also using contact spray DRY (found in electronics stores) can spread some thermal paste simple (as in photo) or silver based on CPU and video card:

Thermal grease on ASUS EeeTop

and then reassemble everything and check that everything is working properly.

The key thing, after you make a transaction like that, make sure it is well with special software that the temperature of the CPU and graphics card is in the range of tolerance.

This is because the mere fact that the fan is turned on, it is no longer shot at best, does not mean that processors can in some conditions or after a short time to have the same problem of overheating.

Tested so well together before saying: “There I did it!” .. And especially considered that these information are vital if you want to avoid leaving your PC into a


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