Overheating Problems Sony Vaio PCG-6q2m VGN-SZ5MN

problems sony VGN-SC5MN


The Sony Vaio PCG-6q2m VGN-SZ5MN Presents Problems Of Overheating And Noisy Fan


Clean The Fan, Clean The Sink, Changing CPU Thermal Grease


This is a high-end model from a few years ago. It ‘s very small, with 13.3 screen, dual core graphics card nVidia geforce and mounts a slow Vista Business.

Is not widespread and the model on which I put my hands was blocked by the virus of the financial police.

After solving the problem with many headaches virus, restoring programs, registry and services (the customer absolutely did not want to format the pc even though in my opinion was the best solution in this case …) I proceeded to clean the inside of the PC as the fan was very noisy.

I realized that this model really it takes 5 minutes as the cover provides access to the fan, heatsink and CPU: for access to the graphics chip instead you must open the pc so I postponed the operation.

I then proceeded to unscrew a few screws below the fold (the photos are few and of poor quality being taken from the phone) _

overheating Vaio PCG-6q2m

Opening the compartment leads to the heatsink. Unscrewing two screws only you can take it apart and clean everything.

open VGN-SZ5MN

As you can see below there was a lot to clean … To eliminate the soot I used this time a can of compressed air.

The fan is only partially accessible and even there I used compressed air: normally I am opposed to the compressed air, I prefer to remove everything, but this time I could not and so for practical reasons I made a quick job.

Repair Sony Vaio PCG-6q2m VGN-SZ5MN

The next step was to clean the residues of dough from the processor: an operation that I made with the card and contact spray dry.

Unfortunately I could not work in this case on the graphics chip: this machine has an nVidia which is usually the object of my attention since it breaks easily.

I could not work because from the door you can not access them directly so we can consider the work presented here as a cleaning job ‘partial’.

Then I inserted the new thermal grease are classic.

Recovery Sony Vaio VGN-SZ5MN

After putting everything I made sure that the Sony Vaio VGN-SZ5 no longer had problems with overheating or fan noise.

Unfortunately the fan continued to make some noise at the beginning, just switched to computer: index that is deformed. This does not affect the cooling of the pc and the noise stops after a few minutes.

The only way to solve this problem is to replace the fan.

The customer was satisfied Cmq: pc now works regularly.

Sony VAIO VGN-SZ5 napoli

This simple procedure will increase the life of your PC and definitely will save money by not bringing in a pc

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