Overheating Problems Acer 5920 Series

The operation is quite simple as this model allows access to the fan and heat sinks through the door inderiore.

Cleaning fans Acer 5920G

This model features nVidia 8600M video card slot on external MXM.

overheating Acer 5920G

Acer 5920G

We work on the bottom, we remove the battery and svitiamo all screws of the large panel that covers 1/3 of the pc.

open Acer 5920G

Without this we will find ourselves in front of the motherboard. In the upper right is the fan, and heat sinks.

Immediately below is the video card nVidia.

heatsink Acer 5920G

Svitiamo the tiny screws that secure the fan, estraiamola and we clean everything with compressed air and a small brush.

cleaning fan Acer 5920G

Svitiamo now the 4 screws that secure the video card to check its perfect condition.

video card Acer 5920G

nVidia Acer 5920G

This card is delicate as it heats up a lot: on many models has shown signs of malfunction so best to check if the entire cooling system is intact.

On this particular model, there is no thermal paste so it is not necessary to replace it.

Acer 5920G GPU

We can now proceed to the posting of wires antenna WiFi card then go to work on the processor heatsink.

We must remove the 4 screws of the heat sink and pull the whole group dissipation to reach the CPU to check the status of the thermal paste.

After cleaning the entire group dissipation remount everything and check how it goes our Acer 5920G!

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