Overheating HP Pavilion DV 9000 DV 9700 Solution

Overheating HP Pavilion DV 9000

and more precisely a model

HP Pavilion DV9700

as in the picture. Maybe with a little patience you manage to make yourself this action!

HP Pavilion 9000 9700

However, the steps outlined in this article are applicable in many other laptop models HP Pavilion DV.


Pc Very Hot, The Fan Is Almost Always On At Full Speed And Processor Limps


Open The Drive And Do A Thorough Cleaning Of The Fan, Heatsink With Possible Change Of Thermal Paste

Paraphernalia:   Good patience, screwdriver set, thermal paste, brush, paper towels and not essential, spray compressed air.

The PC that I proceeded to restore the monitor has the initials “Pavilion DV 9000″ and the specific “DV9700″ label.

The first thing we need to do is remove all we see on the underside of the PC: Battery, flaps, Hard Disk, Memory Card and WiFi by unplugging before the two antenna cables.

Svitiamo virtually all screws trying to place them somewhere in the order, so that they can re-enter later with the installation.

Shell HP Pavilion 9000 9700

WiFi network card HP Pavilion

Now turned around, the pc putting it in the ‘normal’ and raise the monitor. The next step is to remove the upper part of the body, where there is a push button (where there is the Power button in practice).

Gently detach this scocchetta, and careful with straps that connect it to try to gently remove even the keyboard, by removing the special Flat / line.

Pushbutton HP Pavillon 9000 9700

Keyboard HP Pavilion

Now we disconnect the video cable and all flat and pins connected. Also pull gently 2 WiFi antenna cables.

Video Cable Hp Pavilion dv 9700

We remove all the screws that hold the monitor welded to the main body and detach the monitor.

LCD HP DV 9700


Case HP DV 9000 9700

At this point even detach the upper body and we finally see the motherboard.

Motherboard HP Pavilion dv 9000

To clean the fan and change the paste on the processor must unfortunately also remove the motherboard because we have to work on the underside. Svitiamo all screws and detach the other coupons, and flat cables connected to it, until you get to the only motherboard and heatsink / fan.


Motherboard rear HP Pavilion dv 9000

Now Take the screws that hold the heatsink to the motherboard and the processor and start the cleaning phase.

Fan and heatsink HP Pavilion dv 9000

With cotton handmade t, paper and alcohol (or contact spray to DRY) we can clean all traces of thermal paste.

Processor CPU and GPU HP Pavilion dv 9000

By the fan then, once it is opened, and helping with the brush and possibly compressed air, we eliminate any residual dirt and dust.

Fan HP Pavilion DV 9000 DV 9700


Add the thermal paste on the processor (GPU, smaller, does not need it having thermally conductive rubber) and begin to reassemble everything following the steps in reverse.

This must be done every 2 years or so, or when you start to feel the fan that gets very noisy … then depends on how you do your computer .. what led me recently was really filthy!

At The End Let’s Enjoy Our HP Pavilion DV Completely Cleaned!

HP DV9700


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