Mavericks OS Installation From USB


To install the latest operating system Maverick 10.9 on a Mac performing a CLEAN (that is not an upgrade from a previous installation), we can follow these steps, being careful to make obviously a backup before proceeding.

For this purpose there DiskMaker X in a few steps creates self-installing a USB stick.






All you need to start is:

  • A USB stick 8GB least.
  • The setup of OS X 10.9 Mavericks that you can download from the Mac App Store or find on the internet, the important thing is that it is a FULL version and dedicated Mac environment.
  • The latest free version of  X DiskMaker available HERE.
  • Being the administrator of the Mac you want to use to create the bootable USB stick.

Obviously the above steps involving the use of a Mac to run the program: if you have a Mac so virgin to install and only a PC with Windows, we do nothing.

When you first start the application asks you to confirm which version you want to make bootable USB.

Choose Mavericks DiskMaker course and begin the search for the installation package that you downloaded earlier: if you have moved from the Applications folder, then you will have the chance to enter a custom location from which to take the installer.


Once the installation is complete the application will announce that the USB stick is ready and has been renamed OS X 10.9 Install Disk.

You have to do now is to restart your Mac after the ringing of the opening press Option (Alt) keyboard to show the ability to boot from USB stick.

Here are some anomalies that I found while using the Installer Maverick:

Error: “Unable To Verify This Copy Of The Install OS X Mavericks ..”

This error usually occurs when the date of the Mac is busted. Still in the installer of Mavericks, open a terminal and type:

Then run the following command: date 042413302014 

This will set the date to April 24, 2014, 13:30.

To check, always terminal type: dates

and press Enter.

Abnormalities During Startup Of Mavericks From USB

Council to reset NVRAM by holding down the start of the MAC the following keys: OPTION – Command – P – R

Other anomalies and solutions can be found in the FAQ of Diskmakerx .
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