Macbook Pro 15-17 Black Display Screen And Graphic Problems


MacBook Pro will not turn on


The NVidia Graphics Chip Present On The Logic Board Is To Repair / Replace.


Black Screen On MacBook Pro


E ‘need to make a reballing / reflow with professional equipment.

In this article I show how I do a repair on the A1229 model but the solution is applicable to other models with processor nVidia.

TNell’articolo, despite having the experience and equipment to perform a reball balls of tin, I limit myself to only reflow that on this model I consider quite effective and generates a riparzione reliable and durable.

In my case, when pressing power:

macbook pro 17 a1229 does not turn on logic board

The LED lights up front but I have no sign of life on video. Not even the initial dong (chime) typical of the Mac.

macbook pro white led

We start the phase of unmounting MacBook pro. In this case, issue of the model 17 “.

apple macbook pro

We begin to work on the bottom of the PC, placing on a soft surface and clean.

Detach the battery and begin to see where they are positioned all screws. In practice they are all on the bottom and side edges 3, except for the front side (where there is the button for the opening of the screen) where there are no screws.

open apple macbook pro

We start to have fun .. svitiamo all screws, possibly placing them on the table in an orderly manner so as to put them back in place during reassembly.

logic board repair apple macbook pro

We remove the cover that hides the RAM and dismantle these. Note the extreme cleanliness and design of each individual component … even the screws, flat ones, the year a spectacular design ..

memories ram apple macbook pro

Now it’s up to the side screws …

repair apple macbook pro

repair apple macbook pro

Okkio to unscrew the screws hidden … these three, in vain, being a little oblique I’d jump …

open shell logic board apple macbook pro

These are screws of the body, found only outside the chassis:

screws apple macbook pro

keyboard macbook pro 17

Now we can begin to gently lift the upper body, making sure the flat keyboard that is connected to the motherboard or as he calls Apple Logic Board.

Stacchiamolo gently but decision.

disassemble the keyboard apple macbook pro 17

And here we are finally in front of the main board of the MacBook Pro.

motherboard apple macbook pro

Now comes the most delicate phase: we must dismantle every flat, cable and connector connected to the motherboard, namely the central body.

Detach the flat of the video, the flat of the burner, the present flat on the left (top hard drive). Then we have to remove the burner itself (3 screws), remove the WiFi card placed in the head hard disk, all the pins and flat present below this.

Let us keep in mind as they are positioned all around the flat and that they do because after we put everything in the same position ..

Also you notice the small pins blacks, such as those of the fans: have connectivity unusual, come off very gently pulling pratcamente UPWARD.

flat video macbook pro apple

flat burner macbook pro apple

flat hard drive macbook pro apple

flat hard drive macbook apple

flat wifi apple macbook pro

wifi card macbook pro apple

flat motherboard macbook pro apple

fan apple macbook pro 17

dvd burner macbook pro apple

dvd burner macbook pro apple

disassemble dvd apple macbook pro

disassemble dvd apple macbook pro

disassemble dvd apple macbook pro

disassemble motherboard macbook pro apple

disassemble wifi apple macbook pro

After removing all the flat and connectors this is pretty much one of the last which holds the motherboard to the rest of the components.

Eye to detach it takes a little bit because the cable is quite rigid.

disassemble fan apple macbook pro

Finalment get to the point of being able to lift the motherboard ..

motherboard macbook pro apple

And here are the 3 processors on display. Of the three, the nVidia graphics chip is the first on the left.

motherboard repair macbook pro

video card problems macbook pro

The first thing to do is to be cleaned, removing the old thermal paste.

video problems black macbook pro

Subsequently control that on the underside processors there is something that can burn, in contact with the plate of preheat.

In this case there are only removed from the thicknesses in the sponge.

motherboard repair macbook

Attack with Kapton thermocouple sensor (or sensors if I want to do the work on the chipset) on the bottom of the motherboard, the processor at nVidia, so as to control the temperature during reflow.

reflow reball nvidia macbook pro

At this point we can proceed with the various procedures, if we want to completely detach the processor with nVidia reballing, complete replacement or reflow.

In the case of reflow we can proceed with the work on only nVidia or processor and nVidia chipset (bga station).

Before starting any type of work we have to eliminate during preheat the silicone glue on the edges of the processor on which we want to work. Later – but not required – we can applicarne new. Then it’s up to the flux.

reflow apple macbook pro nvidia

reflow reball apple macbook

reflow reball apple macbook

nvidia reflow reball apple macbook

In case of reflow, with the help of a syringe, after preheated, push the flux beneath the processor. Provider and then perform reflow respecting the temperature curves indicated by the manufacturer for this processor.

reball video apple MacBook Pro 15:17 ATI

reflow apple MacBook Pro 15:17

thermocouple reballing apple MacBook Pro 15:17

repair assistance apple MacBook Pro 15:17

service center apple MacBook Pro 15:17

service center apple MacBook Pro 15:17

reflow reball nvidia macbook pro

After finishing the work, look forward to the cooling plate and provider and cleaning by removing the excess flux and cleaning the sinks from the old thermal paste. To remove traces of flux can use alcohol or spray specially designed for this purpose.

repair macbook pro nvidia

repair macbook pro nvidia

repair macbook pro nvidia

repair video macbook pro 17 a1229

Next step, the application of thermal paste. I put a little bit more as the old pasta was pretty dense. For this I used the Mac pasta Artic.

Thermal Paste macbook pro 17 a1229

A little trick: In this case I apply the thermal paste on the heatsinks is that processor; skald also some pasta and do cool several minutes before replacing the motherboard. This operation allows to amalgamate the best this kind of pasta.

MacBook Pro will not turn on

After doing this I just have to close it according to the backhand passsi followed for removing the motherboard.

Eventually remount the battery and try to turn it on … and the result is positive!

macbook pro repaired

The MacBook Pro That Had Problems Before Video Was Repaired !!

macbook pro work lights


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