Liquid In The MacBook Pro

In this article I show how I recovered a MacBook pro A1278 which has been spilled acetone. It is not the first time I fixed a MacBook in which the liquid is finished: in the past I have had a car that was over a glass of wine …


Apple MacBook Pro A1278


Half A Bottle Of Acetone Over The Keyboard Of The MacBook Pro


The MacBook In This Case Does Not Start Even


I Have Attempted An Approach Of Cleaning With Isopropyl Alcohol And Spray Dry Contacts For Both The Logic Board That For The Keyboard.

issue liquid in macbook A1278

After having completely disassembled the MacBook Pro, pulling both the logic board that the rest (a detailed article on a ‘ service to a Apple MacBook Pro A1278 , can be found here ) we can dwell on the keyboard.

cleaning keyboard macbook air 1278

I say just one thing that can make you give up: the attempt to recover a keyboard that has been damaged by liquid is really a question mark .

In fact, the key contacts are copper that are damaged as soon as there is some external element, making futile attempts to recover: however, if you have time you can still try to clean it with a special solution (isopropyl alcohol for example). To me it went well …

Initially I tried using a cotton bud soaked in alcohol and to add below the first layer of plastic …

disassemble the keyboard macbook air 1278

..then I realized it was a waste of time. So I began to disassemble the keyboard. I removed the first layer containing the LEDs of the backlight, then I continued ..

disassemble clean keyboard macbook air 1278

… But not happy I wanted to remove the other layers. To do so, armed with patience, I unscrewed all the many small screws (they are so many, many …) and I disassembled the whole thing.

liquid in the keyboard in the MacBook Pro

Careful not to lose the small screws … after we reassemble everything as it is!

liquid in macbook pro

Usually on these MacBook power button is connected to the keyboard, we must then unscrew the two small screws that secure with a metal plate on the button to the body.

liquid in the keyboard MacBook Pro A1278

Now we can gently lift the keyboard by removing it from the body.

liquid in the MacBook Pro A1278

Now we groped queit: spray dry contacts, isopropyl alcohol and a lot of patience.

cleaning keys macbook pro A1278

Let the keyboard dry for VERY, VERY, VERY time and avoid completely the use of any heat source (hairdryer, etc.) because in this way we will certainly a boost to the trash bin.

Remount the keyboard, making sure to put everything back as it was ..

cleaning logicboard apple macbook pro A1278

Now it’s up to the logic board. I expect this in such cases two procedures:

– Removal of all parties (heat sinks, cables, etc.);

– Dry the entire board using isopropyl alcohol, spray for dry contacts; Using brush ‘clean’ to be passed on the card still damp solution;

– Careful analysis of possible points objects oxidation (usually colored green): these must act with greater intensity, even with help of a cotton handmade t;

– Drying of the logic board also through plate pre-heat to 100-140 degrees.

logicboard apple macbook pro A1278 internal fluid

washing logicboard apple macbook pro A1278 hit by liquid

cleaning liquid repair assistance logicboard apple macbook pro A1278

After work I get on the board and do a first firing test, taking the flat keyboard detached and possibly using the alternative pad to start it .

Result: lights !!! Thank goodness … already something … now let’s see if they work power button and keyboard …

cleaning liquid repair macbook pro A1278

MacBook Pro A1278 filled with liquid repaired

Allright !! I restored brilliantly this MacBook Pro! Of course the keyboard much ‘ass’ and I’ve lost a bit of time … but it was worth it !!

MacBook Pro A1278 problem liquid


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