Ignition Problems Toshiba Satellite A300

The PC Turns On And Turns Off Soon After. Ignition Problems. With The Battery Turns On For A Few Moments While The Power Supply Is Switched Off Almost Immediately.

Cause of:

A Component Welded Below The CPU, Signed NEC / TOKIN 0E907, Got Crazy And Must Be Replaced.

NEC / TOKIN 0E907 toshiba a300
The solution involves the replacement of this component with an identical or with 4 capacitors Tantalum capacity 330UF 2.5ve SMD format similar to this photo, which you can find in specialty stores or on the internet:


The NEC / Tokin usually operates at 2.5 volts while the individual capacitors I tried them from 6 volts up to 9 volts and gave me no problems. The first number in the line below indicates the voltage. For example: 330 e63 means that the capacitor delivers 330UF at 6.3 volts.

In some repairs I also used different combinations as 3 330 and 2 220 (derived from the motherboards of results) and in any case I was successful, or 1 to 4 and 470uF to 220uF.

Let’s start from the beginning, I show how to disassemble and perform the repair.

This is the exact model that I have repaired, but this repair is common to other Toshiba models, that is, those who have problems with power on / off and fitted with the NEC / TOKIN 0E907 .

Toshiba A300 PSAGCE not turn

We begin to disassemble the PC. Svitiamo all the screws and parts on the floor below.

NEC / TOKIN 0E907 a300

Detach the plastic batten above the keyboard, svitiamo the 2 screws, dismantle the keyboard.

Toshiba Satellite a300 NEC TOKIN 0E907

opening Toshiba Satellite a300

Now detach all the straps, cables and screws on the upper floor.

repair Toshiba Satellite a300

Now detach the upper part of the body.

Toshiba Satellite a300 turns off

And here we are finally to the motherboard … but it is not over. We have to unplug everything.

Already you can see the aluminum plate that hides under the faulty component.

toshiba a300 tantalum capacitors 300

Detach all monitor cables, additional screws and extract the motherboard.

replacement capacitors toshiba a300


capacitors toshiba a300

Now svitiamo the three screws that hold the aluminum plate and we find ourselves in front of the NEC to remove.

This second component of news taken from the internet is a capacitor 1200UF also available with initials 0E128.

The idea is then to replace it with four capacitors at least 300.

NEC TOKIN toshiba a300

The most unpleasant is now unplug this component. Personally took me a long time. I used flux and hot air station but it was hard because of the position is not very happy.

problem toshiba A300

In the end this is the result, after a good cleaning.

ignition problem Toshiba satellite a300

Now we have to solder the 4 capacitors. We need to weld the head with positive + outwards, taking into account that the two inner strips on the plate only the negative and the positive side ones.

The result should be similar to the following.

replacement capacitors a300

Personally I have not been so ordained in welding but the important thing is the outcome … so I installed the power button and without closing the pc I did some tests ignition.

repair Toshiba satellite a300

Lights up !!!!

repair toshiba a300 napoli

service center toshiba napoli

repair toshiba a300 napoli

If you still have problems with occasional off, change the bios settings:

– In Advanced ->

Voice Core Multi-Processing Enabled =

Voice Dynamic CPU Frequency Mode = Always Low

Possibly even try to turn off one of the two processors, always in the bios.


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