HP Pavilion TX 2000 TX 2500 display and graphics problem

HP Pavilion TX 2000 TX 2500


Graphic Card Defective

HP Pavilion TX 2000 Will Not Turn On.

When You Turn The PC HP Pavilion TX 2000 Lights LEDs But Does Not Display Anything On The Screen.

The Monitor HP Pavilion TX 2000 TX 2500 Remains Off.


Support HP Pavilion TX 2500 napoli


With this article I will make the happiness of the many who possess this model of PC very unique, 13-inch touch screen that was born almost as bad, as happens with other models (eg. Many of the models Sony Vaio that shelter)  ALL MODELS after a short time suffer from a malfunction of the graphics chip.

In practice too much heat desolders the graphics processor with the following abnormalities:

  • Power-PC turns on the various LEDs on the screen and on the base but does not display anything on the screen
  • Power-PC turns on the LEDs and the fan part but nothing is displayed on the screen
  • In rare cases turns on but most of the time the screen remains ‘dark’.
  • When you turn on the fan side to the maximum and the pc warms lot


  • The main cause is, as in many other models, a high overheating. Most of these frames feature an AMD Turion Dual Core that in itself warms much.
  • The graphics chip is an ATI that does not heat up a lot and normally not subject to ‘necklines’ as almost all nVidia built a few years ago, however, the heat dissipation of the AMD ‘chokes’ and this also warms to capacity processor that is the first to succumb, scollandosi
  • This PC offers a well double sink very ‘airy’ but a fan in my undersized: also the air circulation is not good ‘draw’ for which the cooling is bad, even if I set high (many models have a battery large capacity which is also very high and should facilitate cooling)
  • The model has many original features such as touch screen, swivel screen, pen … but mounts in most configurations faulty processors that very hot (AMD) and placed in a small space (is a model of 13 inches).


Unlike PC suffering from birth to similar problems, such as the aforementioned Sony Vaio VGN-FZ21M orVGN-FZ38M , this PC does not have nVidia, powerful processor but famous for weld defects / cleavage (problem that plagues even Many video cards for desktop PCs and models a few years ago of X-BOX 360).

However, the high heat that reaches this PC, despite the heat sinks are clean and the fan set, creates problems of instability to the CPU and ATI graphics processor.

The latter, in particular, Iniza to have problems of detachment to which the PC startup highlights problems.

In fact, from tests that I performed with a mini-PCI card TESTER I realized that when we access the PC, and the bios starts to test all the devices and state of the motherboard and the various componentistiche, but the graphics processor responds with a code Error unidentified probably know only in HP.

From any repairs made on this model can cmq say that you can not recover this machine doing a reflow operation. In some cases I had to necessarily redo the ball of tin and in one case I had to also buy back the new processor.

Now let’s see the steps of a repair carried out on one of many HP Pavilion TX 2000 on which I put my hands. In this example, carry out an Nvidia BGA reflow bringing about 200 °. And ‘possible Cmq make a more complete change of tin (reballing).

How Does A HP Pavilion TX 2000 TX 2500

Before opening it we see what it looks like this pc.

As you can see from the photos, has a very unusual just because has a joint in the middle below the monitor , which is pretty much the point where the touch screen display rotates and can be wanting to overturn on himself to make it similar to a tablet .

homes HP Pavilion TX 2000

The PC in a few seconds you can transform into a handy tablet complete with a stylus … also has buttons on the entire frame of the monitor for the most common multimedia functions.

touch screen and stylus HP Pavilion TX 2000

What operating system mounts this pc ??? Maybe after the repair may be possible to install a recent

Windows 8 On HP Pavilion TX 2000

but this is not that we will deal in this article. However I can anticipate that the PC also has a nib and works well with both Windows 7 operating system that with the recent Windows 8 , virtually created specifically for these types of pc with touch screen.

In fact, I highly recommend the latter operating system I installed without many problems on one of the PCs that I repaired.

But we continue with our analysis of pre-disassembly.

The underlying part is presented as in the following pictures. Under the large battery of the model shown here, there is an additional door, under which there are two connectors of the display and several screws anchoring the joint.

The recorder has a quick release device, just pull the lever on the right you see placed in the lower right to extract it in a few seconds: comfortable.


shell based HP Pavilion TX 2000


We Begin To Dismantle Our HP Pavilion TX 2000 TX 2500

Start by saying that disassemble this pc is a simple but very delicate, especially the wiring that passes near the hinge of the display. Also there is this gray seat just below the joint (the bezel above the keyboard in practice) which is a bit nasty to detach and reattach above all, as goes with Built-in keyboard and with the rest of the body and above shall be mounted on thread under the monitor, forcing us to turn it while we assemble / dismantle.

But now we continue with the disassembly … and open all the doors of the underside, pulling the disc, the memories, the aerial cables of the wifi card, the coupon same wifi, the recorder:

Remove HP Pavilion TX 2000 TX 2500

Svitiamo all the screws in the body taking care to position somewhere with a certain order to re-enter them later in the same position during reassembly. Typically the longer screws hold the keyboard.

burner HP Pavilion TX 2000

Now let us reflect on the cover in another that contains part of the wiring of the monitor.

Pull gently the two pins connected, helping with tweezers and leveraging very very gently with a screwdriver or sharp plastic. In the hole below basically pass the two pins connected to the monitor and the WiFi antenna cables.

disassemble monitor HP Pavilion tx 2000

Now, having raised the cables, we have to get a screwdriver to unscrew the only present life within this space. We are careful to not cutting any of the cables. We use a magnetized screwdriver to facilitate us the extraction of screws.

display HP Pavilion tx 2000

Keyboard HP Pavilion tx 2000

We work now on top of the PC, focusing on the keyboard.

Stacchiamola gently facedendo lever also on the plastic of the top of the bottom of the keyboard.

The next step is to remove the mask present immediately below the display.

This has stuck pretty well so beware when you remove! Keep in mind also that has a track in the central part of the tunnel and that you need to remove it is to flex the plastic that rotate the monitor.

After, to reassemble it, you have to do the same stunts …


Touch screen HP Pavilion tx 2000


Repairing display monitor HP Pavilion TX

After removing the plastic, we will have access to two screws which maintain the display anchored to the base.

lcd replacement HP Pavilion tx 2000

Next step, detach the monitor plug by pulling on the tab that protrudes above.

monitor cable HP Pavilion tx 2000 tx 2500

Now we can finally remove the display.

touch screen monitor HP TX 2000


how to repair HP Pavilion TX

Unscrew now the few screws that hold the metal chassis central to the motherboard (should be 2 if I remember correctly):

open houses HP Pavilion TX

Now we just have to open the case of the houses of our HP Pavilion TX 2000/2500 using a pick or a special tool to open the plastic parts closed interlocking. Note: You can also use an old phone card or credit card.

open motherboard HP Pavilion TX 2000


motherboard HP Pavilion TX 2000

and here the motherboard. Obviously there’s more …

motherboard HP TX 2000
svitiamo the few screws that hold the plastic anchored below, pins and flat and they do not forget to let out the plastic tray in the slot side of the pc, otherwise the motherboard will not be able to pull it never, ever …


slot HP TX 2000

Now more and try to gently lift the left side of the motherboard, making sure it is well embedded within the plastic.

If resistance is be careful, it is likely that you forgot to undo some small screw or unplug some flat.

Usually if there is an impediment there is always something wrong …

Remove motherboard HP Pavilion TX

Motherboard CPU HP TX 2000

Now we have to work on the other side of the motherboard of our HP Pavilion TX 2000.

Here you can see the compact block of the heatsink-fan, held in place by very few screws.

The GPU, ie graphics processor, we are interested in is the one you see on the left, surrounded by red silicone.

HP TX 2000 motherboard CPU side

CPU and GPU HP Pavilion TX 2000

Let’s loosen the 5 screws that we see on the heatsink and the CPU and gently detach the entire group.

disassemble the fan heatsink HP Pavilion TX 2000


cleaning fan heatsink HP Pavilion TX 2000

And here is what causes the malfunction … Below the graphics processor AMD .. the one on which we have to work …

Both of the processors to clean up fine residue using thermally conductive paste or rubber contact spray and dry paper.

Note that the graphics processor ATI originally has as dissipation material thermally conductive rubber (see next photo):

in this model that I photographed instead someone who has worked on this pc before me (with negative results to what I saw …) has seen fit to put a ton of rubber thermally conductive thermal paste ABOVE !!! Damn …. to eliminate all that pasta poor quality I lost so much time and … oh well .. continue.

gpu graphics card HP Pavilion TX 2000 TX 2500

As you can see above, the graphics processor has its edges silicone sealant / stabilizer. In the next steps, prior to reflow, will be the first thing I’m going to delete.

We begin to remove all types of plastic, rubber or scotch on the motherboard, so that he founded.

reflow HP Pavilion TX 2000 TX 2500

Also detach the backup battery obviously could damage the high temperatures!

Battery HP Pavilion TX

We must now necessarily remove the edge of red silicone. To do this we make a preheating to 150 degrees and with the proper tool awl we sand gently to remove the entire boundary.


BGA HP Pavilion TX 2500

HP Pavilion TX 2000 TX 2500

reball HP Pavilion TX 2000 TX 2500

And here is our nVidia nice clean …

reflow HP Pavilion TX 2000 TX 2500

Next, you enter the flux, the right one, along the edges ..

Flux HP Pavilion TX 2000 TX 2500

Always with the preheat to 150 ° aiutiamoci with a syringe to distribute – thanks to the air jet – the flux to below the BGA. The operation must be made to each side of the processor, so that the flux penetration.

reflow HP Pavilion TX 2000 TX 2500

We clean with a cotton swab flux excess over onto the GPU ..

reflow HP Pavilion TX 2000 TX 2500

Then proceed to a reflow following the models provided for this component on the melting temperature of the pond, taking care not to get in any case at 220 ° worth the detachment of the ball of tin.

reflow reball HP Pavilion TX 2000 TX 2500

Once the operation is complete, we can clean the motherboard, even with the preheat on (so we are always around 150 °) by removing the flux too.

 reball reflow HP Pavilion TX 2000 TX 2500

Meanwhile, it cools the whole, we can clean the heatsink and fan.

Fan HP Pavilion TX 2000 TX 2500

What you see below was the square of thermally conductive pad applied between the GPU and the heatsink.

heatsink HP Pavilion TX 2000 TX 2500

After the reflow I cut a quadatino pad / sheet heat and have also used an aluminum foil of about 1.5 cm x 1.5 cm thick and 2 mm in combination with thermal paste Artic MX-2.

NOTE: Unlike the photos taken a long time ago, actually the foil is not absolutely necessary. Indeed, after many repairs I discourage the use.

reballing HP Pavilion TX 2000 TX 2500 napoli

I added the first thermal paste of the best quality (thin layer).

thermal grease HP Pavilion TX 2000

I applied the thermal conductive pad of about 1mm on the heatsink:

thermally conductive pad HP Pavilion TX 2000

Then I put aluminum foil on the graphics processor ATI resting it gently on the thermal paste and finally, always very gently, I closed all the sandwich type, trying not to slide the foil on the processor.

NOTE: Unlike the photos taken a long time ago, actually the foil is not absolutely necessary. Indeed, after many repairs I discourage the use.

heatsink mounting HP Pavilion TX 2000


graphics card HP Pavilion TX 2000

Then I screwed the 5 screws very slowly, in the numbered and subsequently entering the fifth.

screw processor HP Pavilion TX 2000

The first thing I did then was to close the top of the body, attach the monitor only with the leads and try to turn it on if the PC:

video editing HP Pavilion TX 2000

 And finally there was light !!

At this point you can reassemble everything …

video test HP Pavilion TX 2000



Once the repair has taken place is passed to the phase of the test.

In practice we install special software and check the temperature, holding turned on the PC.

During these tests, for safety, we lower the CPU power to 80%. To do that if we installed Windows Vista or 7 we proceed in this way:

– Control Panel -> System and Security -> Power Options -> select the current configuration and we’re going to change it by clicking on ‘Change advanced power settings’

– In the window that will open try and expand the voice ‘Low Power Processor’ and we set the parameter ‘Maximum processor performance’ at 80% for both battery power and for the power outlet.

Now we use the PC as always and check the temperature.

Important note:   almost certainly early in the processor’s temperature will rise even up to 70-80 °; hear the fan turn a lot; when it happens close all applications and leave the pc on (no stand-by or screensaver).

After some time, however, the PC will stabilize, the thermal paste and the pad will adhere better and therefore the temperature will drop a lot.

I arrived with my reparations to obtain 45 ° -55 ° temperature in computer idle.

Here are some photos of use pc after repair.


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