HP Pavilion G6 Blue Screen Error Igdpmd64.Sys


The Problem Is Caused By A Recent Update To The Video Card Drivers


Reinstall The Drivers For ATI Video Card On HP Pavilion G6


HP pavilion igdpmd64.sys

All HP Pavilion G series including the G6 pictured here, suddenly show locking issues with screen BLUE and error igdpmd64.sys as shown in these photos.

If it happened to you, it is likely that the PC will be automatically downloaded and updated drivers for ATI Radeon but are defective and incompatible for your PC.

blue screen HP pavilion

restart HP Pavilion g6

The problem occurs especially if you start to use the graphics card on the internet surfing or running any game.

To solve this problem there are three roads, I recommend you try the first:

METHOD ‘1 (recommended): unloading of an updated video card driver and run this file.

To do so, go to the HP website and scaricatevi version of the video driver AMD High Definition Graphic Driver (you will probably find the version 8.882.2.0 that weighs about 340 megs).

Start the download and close all applications in order to avoid that the PC is packing with the BLUE screen during the download.

If you fail in the enterprise, and you have the 64bit version of windows, you can unloading of this file from hp site

After downloading this file, run it and installed without removing the old version. During setup, select CUSTOM INSTALLATION and check that it popped the video card driver.

Finish the installation, reboot, and controlled from the control panel which driver version is installed.

METHOD ‘2: Restore the system to a previous restore point:

It ‘pretty simple, just press F8 at startup and in the menu that appears select’ System Restore ‘. Then select a restore point before the update and wait for the system to ‘fix’ alone. On the next start, however we must be careful not to redraw the system again otherwise we meet point and over again.

METHOD ‘3:  Remove and re-install updated drivers (highly recommended).

Here we go with the third option.

Meanwhile, it is almost always necessary to use another PC as your probably not allow you to do just about anything, and stops as soon as you connect to the Internet or started working on it.

Go to the HP website (the official one, I recommend …) and look for drivers for your PC model and especially for version 32 or 64bit. Recent PC HP Pavilion G series are almost all windows7 64bit (or windows8 64 bit) but make sure your version before downloading drivers unnecessary.

How to know the version of the system that you have installed?

Whether you’re in Safe Mode is that the PC is in normal mode (for a few minutes you should work …) Click START (bottom left) and then right click on ‘Computer’ and then in the drop down menu select ‘ Properties’.


In the screen that you will be presented there is an indication of the type of operating system you are using.


Now online HP selected the latest driver for your graphics card, paying attention to the version to be newer than the one currently installed on your HP (later we will see how to know the current version):

video card drivers hp pavilion g series

Once you download the driver, copy it on a stick.

Then move on your HP throwing a tantrum and start it in MODE ‘PROVISIONAL.

To do so, pressed F8 boot menu and select Safe Mode.

At this point, the first thing to do is to REMOVE OLD DRIVERS.

To do that you have to open the Computer Management panel. Proceeding as before, click on the START (bottom left) and then right click on ‘Computer’ and then in the dropdown menu this time select ‘Manage’.

You will be presented the following panel:

igdpmd64.sys HP Pavilion g6Click Device Manager on the left, then expand Display adapters and select your card ATI / Radeon.

Press the right button and select Properties and in the window, at the top, click on ‘Driver’ for information on the video driver ‘defective’ currently installed.

Keep in mind the version of the driver (in the example below is 8.830.6.3000) to be clearly lower than the driver version that we downloaded earlier.

update video drivers HP Pavilion g6

Now select Uninstall, and in the next window, tick ‘Delete the driver software for your device’ and click OK.

HP Pavilion g6 igdpmd64.sys


Now restart the computer in normal mode, but keep the network card or WiFi turned off, so that Windows to install the latest video card driver and run the installer manually the new driver (usually the HP drivers are files that start with SP followed by a number. Example: SP_123123.exe)

After installation, reboot your PC and double-check the driver version installed, ensuring matches that


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