HP Pavilion DV5 1105el Will not show up display screen

Reflow ATI


repair HP Pavilion DV5


The PC will not turn on. Pressing the power button, the LED lights but not Appere anything on the screen, even attacking an external display.

Black screen.

In some cases, the power LED lights up for a while and then go out again and still the screen remains black.

The cause may depend on several factors: in this case, I show how to completely dismantle this PC and then fix it by reflow of two ATI processors on the motherboard.

hp pavilion dv5 reflow 1105el

Imiziamo with the work as usual on the bottom of the pc. Of course we must dismantle everything so you need to remove the screws of the covers, all the screws of the body and start to disconnect all peripherals: RAM, burner, WiFi card, hard drive, etc.

repair HP Pavilion DV5

HP Pavilion DV5 will not turn on

This air intake fan very obstructed ago already understand the cause of death of this PC …

cleaning HP Pavilion DV5Detach the hard disk:

hard drive HP Pavilion DV5

disassemble HP Pavilion DV5

We dismantle the WiFi adapter:

wifi HP Pavilion DV5

We extract the DVD:

HP Pavilion DV5

After removing all the screws, we work on top of the PC, pulling the upper frame including the power button:

repair HP Pavilion DV5

disassemble HP Pavilion DV5

Now it’s up to the keyboard for which we have to unscrew the screws that hold it to the body.

 Keyboard HP Pavilion DV5

Detach the keyboard flat gently ..

HP Pavilion DV5 repair

Now it’s up to the screws under the keyboard compartment and all the pins and flat:

touchpad HP Pavilion DV5

HP Pavilion DV5

chassis HP Pavilion DV5

We can pull the two WiFi antenna cables that are naturally linked to the video display.

flat HP Pavilion DV5

wifi HP Pavilion DV5

Now detach the flat connector video