HP DV5 Not Detected Hard Disk Error 03f0

The HP Pavilion DV5 Displays Error 03f0 But The Disk Is Healthy. He Does Not See The SATA Devices. It Does Not Work Boot From DVD.

HP pavillion dv5 1110 EL does not see hard

INTRODUCTION: In this article I share my experience on a repair: but be careful handling the BIOS as you can irreparably damaging your PC. I do not assume responsibility .. however if you have a PC that you can not make even start with boot from DVD then maybe you should do it a try !! Eye though versions of PC and BIOS (every BIOS is made for only one type of PC).

I lost a lot of time with this PC, HP Pavilion DV5 1110el a model that had strange symptoms. In practice initially seemed an issue of Hard Disk as startup, after the HP logo, the system reported error 03f0 that for HP and Compaq means a problem at the Hard Disk.


HP pavillion dv5 error 3F0

However I made ​​several tests on the hard disk is using the appropriate option in the BIOS of this model is mounting the disk on another PC: result? Disco absolutely perfect !!

Then I tried to make a boot from a DVD disc utility and surprise:  the PC does the same hard disk, that seems to try to start a groped then remains stationary with screen BLACK !!

So I started to think about a problem with the SATA interface .. but I was a little undecided if the problem could be caused by the nVidia graphics chip that we know create several problems on these models. After all the PC starts, the HP logo is displayed in the menu and enter the bios without problems …

A Reflow Of The Chip Video This Time Will Not Save Me …

Anyway I wanted to provide the same prior to reflow the video chip (see separate article) but as I imagined it was useless: the pc has continued to not want to do either boot from hard disk nor from DVD: black screen after the HP logo.

They are then returned to analyze the BIOS: You may have corrupted somehow ??

I then tried to remove the battery and reset the settings, bridging the two contacts in the form of arrows near the battery.

Then I replaced the battery (some of these models are angry if the battery is also slightly download …).

But still nothing .. so I proceeded to perform an upgrade of the bios.

And If I Tried Updating The Bios ?? Cursed HP DV5 ..

Here’s what I’ve done to update the BIOS without using Windows but directly with a USB key at startup:

  • I have marked the current version of the BIOS and the version of the platform, taking these info from the BIOS screen (there is accessed by pressing F10 at startup …): the version in my case was f.0C platform 3603 (see photo below) ;

problems bios hp pavilion dv5

  • I downloaded from the HP website the latest version of the BIOS for HP DV5 I was working on: F.21A. The BIOS file comes as an executable Ex: SP12345.exe
  • I unzipped the file with WINRAR. Inside I found a number of files, including those that interested me: 3602F21A.FD and 3603F21A.FD.
  • I took a 4GB USB stick, it formatted in FAT and I copied the two files .FD inside.
  • I created for each of the two files, three versions of files with the following suffixes: “.bin”, “.FD” and “.rom”.
  • File names have been reduced to the first 4 digits / characters + suffix. For example “3602F21A.bin” became “3602.bin”.
  • At the end on the root of the memory stick I got the following content:







  • I inserted the pen 4GB USB port closest to the power supply (see photo below) and, holding the keys WINDOWS + B I pressed the power button ignition. After a few beeps (about 5 seconds) I released the buttons WINDOWS + B that I had kept in the meantime pressed.


  • After numerous BEEP and a few minutes the PC is off. The guides said they actually had to reboot … then I started to have doubts about the success of the operation .. In fact, I tried to turn it on … Result: DARK, now even more the bios and the HP logo appeared !!

HP pavillion dv5 does not start

Last Attempt: Restoring Old Bios …

I tried again the procedure again, but without success … do now ??
I fortunately got the idea to redo the same operation, looking now on the site the same version of HP Bios mounted previously (version f.0C platform 3603).

I found a bios f.0C for DV5 (file sp41342.exe ) within a single file with useful: 3602F0C.FD ..

I was then a little scared because I did not find any other file for the platform in 3603 there was no other file version f.0C.

How do ?? I was interested in the 3603 version , after a while I found the solution on a site (see below), which pointed me to use this file instead of the original. The site from which I downloaded the bios:


or you can find it HERE :

I then took this one and I copied files on the USB, in the form of 6 files with different suffixes (same procedure as above): then the same file ( 3602 …) I also copied as 3603 … getting:







I repeated the procedure for updating the BIOS … and waited … ..


Pc after this surgery, resumed see both the disk and the DVD and started regularly !!

problem bios 3F0 HP pavillion dv5


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