How To Speed Up A Netbook With SSD

This PC is very nice but really slow. More than anything else is the SSD drive that is slow. Or better discs, as it normally has two, in my case:

– SSD 4GB (main disk boot)

– 16 GB SSD (secondary disk).

A trick I devised to speed it up quite a bit is what I had already applied to a PC of the same type, an ACER ONE ZG5 EEEPC. In that case I’d gotten good results by simply formatting the SSD with a configuration:  FAT 32 file system with a cluster of 32 kBinstead of 512.

I then repeated the same operations for this netbook.


That’s what it takes to

Speed ​​Up The Asus EeePC 900:

A CD / DVD external USB (or even a cable to attach devices SATA / IDE and then use a common reader to PC Desktop). Alternatively there is the possibility of startare installation from USB stick but is much more complicated and makes you lose MUCH time.

Support Asus EeePC napoli

Hiren’s CD : are excellent bootable CD with much useful software to perform maintenance.

You find them in the official page .

Among the many prefer an older version, the 14.1 where there is the old but excellent Norton Partition Magic.  You can use others but among the many available this is the only one that I worked for the conversion procedure cluster.

Installation CD WinXP possibly Service Pack3


– Insert the CD / DVD in the external reader, select it in the bios to boot, and start the usual setup procedure WindowsXP;

– Eliminate all partitions (by doing so you will lose all data on the old hard …), create a new partition on disk1 (the one from 3847 MB ie 4GB – for now we can leave out the second disc), format to FAT selecting “Format the partition using the FAT file system “(Do not use the option ‘fast’).

Format asus EeePC 900 napoli

– As soon as the setup ends the first part of formatting (in the blue screen copying files in progress should reach 100%) and then terminates copying files to disk, when asked to restart, remove the disk windows INTERRUPTING SO THE INSTALLATION .

– Insert Hiren’s CD version 14.1 instead of the installation CD of Windows XP

Hiren's CD asus eeepc napoli

-Start The Hiren’s CD then select Dos BootCD -> Partition Tools -> Partition Magic Pro 8.0.5

– When the program starts, select “Disk 1″ (should be 3846 MB) -> Right -> Advanced -> Resize Cluster

Partition Magic to format Asus EeePC 900 napoli

– At the bottom right select “New Cluster Size” taking it to 32k

– Select “Apply” and confirm

– Wait for the end of operations (All operations completed) but before restarting clicking OK, replace the Windows XP CD into the CD player.

– If all went well, to boot the PC will restart with the result of the installation of Windows XP.

At the end you will be dealing with a completely Netbook more responsive, fast, quick and functional!TESTED !!  



I perform on demand


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