How To Reset The CMOS BIOS Password on Toshiba Satellite



Explained the technique should also be applicable to other models of Toshiba.


In practice, I happened that turned suddenly appeared this request:

Request Password Toshiba Satellite

Message appears:


Too bad no one has ever set a password ….

Well, you will think, simply unplug the usual battery, no ??

But no !!!

Disassembling fact the classic backup battery is not there. We must then find a way to reset the CMOS to restore

the bios under the original conditions. Unfortunately there is not even a simple jumperino.

And also trying with the ‘master password’ listed on some site, nothing to do (… but then I wonder if anyone has ever worked the trick of the master password to me … EVER!).

The solution is very simple and that is to create a bridge between two points, using a piece of wire.
Here’s how:

-Procuriamoci A piece of wire short (you can make contact with a pair of scissors .. but is not guaranteed success).
– Dismantle the door of the compartment that contains the RAM;
– We dismantle both RAM modules;

Support Toshiba Satellite A300 napoli

– Now, we look at the next picture and with a piece of wire, before ponticelliamo the two contacts indicated in ITEM 1 for at least 30 seconds.

Toshiba Satellite service napoli

– Then we have to make contact between the POINT 2 (ground) and one of the two contacts to STEP 1 for at least 30 seconds;

– Finally we make contact between the SPOT 2 and the remaining contact to STEP 1 for at least 30 seconds.
We close everything and the next reboot magically manage to get into the pages of the BIOS to set all options .. and the PC will be bootable!

In this way we will avoid having to leave our laptop for days to a

Service Center Toshiba



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