How To Download A Video From Rai.Tv

Download videos from

Note: Note: The method described here may be outdated. Search Google other methods.

On the site there in December 2014

that allows, once glued the page containing the video, to derive the corresponding movie in .mp4 ….

Do You Want To Download An Video From The Site Of RAI.TV?

The site can relate to programs aired on RAI channels through a system of demand (demand for content and availability of these later).

The player uses the Microsoft Silverlight product and can sometimes be useful discharge the movie locally on your PC to be able to store or view it on a device not compatible.

Is there an easy way to do the download of the video that we want to look at when we potercelo: open the videos on the site RAI and once on the video page, let’s see the code of the page (for example, by pressing CTRL + U on Chrome) .

Near the beginning of the code page, look for the tag written with the text ” videourl_mp4 “. Certainly we will find a line like this:

<Meta name = “videourl_mp4″ content = ” “/>

The code in bold in the “content” tag is the URL of the file mp4 (video file to download).

Copiamoci then the URL and paste it on Chrome.

We expect the video is started and then save the page (CTRL + S on Chrome) to start downloading the file.

To download a video from a 1GB it takes half an hour with a 8 mega ADSL.

The procedure is tested Chrome on Windows, but I think it is easily replicable in other browsers and on other operating systems.

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