EMachines E728 – E727 Not Power On

EMachines E728 Zrga Not Turn

eMachine E728 does not light


Probable Charging Circuit Malfunction Or Power EMachines E728


Removal Diode EMachines E728


Problem ignition eMachine E728 zrga
If your eMachines E728 does not start, showing no sign of life (no LED is on, the fan stops, the screen dark) maybe here you can find a solution.


eMachine E728 zrga not turn

In my case I found a diode burned. But we begin to dismantle the PC as usual from the bottom.

We remove all the screws, the doors, the Rams, the HardDisk, the battery and the burner:

repair eMachine E728 zrga

Then detach the cover over the battery:

open eMachine E728 zrga

Now it’s up to the keyboard:

keyboard eMachine E728 zrga

open eMachine E728 zrga

Now we have to remove the display. But to do that we have to disconnect both plug cables WiFi, pulling gently from below.

how to repair eMachine E728


repair eMachine E728

eMachine E728 display

eMachine E728 wifi

Svitiamo then the screws that secure the display to the body …

repair screen eMachine E728And via the display!

replace screen eMachine E728

Now we need to open the case to get to the motherboard. Svitiamo all screws and detach all flat and plugs:

eMachine E728 motherboard

eMachine E728 LCD display

Finally here we are the motherboard. We can avoid it apart completely.

fault motherboard route eMachine E728

Let us dwell on the top of the motherboard, near the battery connector:

In my case I found the component PD1, ie a simple diode, slightly spoiled … I apprestato simply to remove it ..

Actually dotremmo replace it because its function is to protect the board from Cmq abnormal voltage: the example here cmq only try to remove it ..

repair motherboard eMachine E728

Remount summarily and do a test result … ?? you can see it with your eyes ..

motherboard repaired eMachine E728

eMachine E728 repaired

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