Electronic Problems Asus Eee PC 1001 PXD

I recently fixed this Netbook Asus, is a very popular model and in several variants.

The model I repaired in practice following a short circuit due to the power supply, had an element of the motherboard virtually broke.

The broken part is indicated by the red arrow:

Problems asus 1001 PXD

After removing the motherboard, on my model signed asus 1001PXD rev 1.1, I tried to read the code of the component burned.

The component has its own way and on the motherboard labeled H2 and the initials component PJI 056 IV.

asus eeepc 1001

According to my investigation seems to be a diode that allows current to flow only in one direction and protects the motherboard from possible  reverse polarity or short circuits to mains power.

Not finding a specific component of the I simply unsoldered. This way I allowed the PC to power up without any problems and   continue to work without problems.


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