Disassembly MacBook 13 And Replacement Optical Drive

The opening is subject to the replacement of the DVD recorder that has had mechanical problems.

repair macbook 13


repair macbook 13.3

The first thing to do is to stacare the battery by turning the wheel on the bottom of the PC.

open macbook 13.3

disassemble macbook 13.3

Subsequently svitiamo the 3 screws that we see on the bottom.

Then, svitiamo all screws inside the battery compartment including those of the relay that hides the slots of RAM banquets and gently pull out the hard drive inserted laterally.

hard drive macbook white

Now svitiamo all screws side: we place the screws in order on our workbench to reposition them in the exact source location during reassembly.

disassemble macbook white

repair macbook white

After removing all the screws, we can cater to detach the two bodies of the chassis helping with a plastic screwdriver (for those that are also used to open the cell).

keyboard macbook white

We are careful during the opening of the body, the flat keyboard to be removed gently.

motherboard macbook

And here we are finally in front of the heart of the MacBook: the motherboard.

dvd burner macbook

Since we can also provide for a rough cleaning of the fan by means of compressed air taking care to direct the flow from the inside to the outside.

To remove the burner instead you must provide the posting of several parts, to gain access to the screws that secure it to the base.

fan macbook

Stacchiamone meanwhile the flat.

wifi macbook

Take the screws including the one present in the vicinity of the flat.

burner macbook

Other screws are present near the hard drive and a slot at the top near the speaker: to unscrew the latter we must raise one of the WiFi antenna cables (see below).

Also to remove the burner must detach the antenna resting on the burner (at the top right, you can see in the next photo) to reposition it on the back burner.

dvd cd macbook superdrive

For accessso to one of the screws and to remove the burner, we must remove one of the WiFi antenna cables.

network card macbook

After replacing the unit we can proceed to reassemble everything making sure that all cables are correctly positioned as originally otherwise the plates will not close perfectly.


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