Developing E-Commerce Websites: Prestashop – The Shop Is Soon And Done!

The development of websites provide multiple sites, such as making the page dynamic and electronic commerce (e-Commerce). Let’s look now at this second category.

The term “electronic commerce” in the beginning was a technology called Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for sending business documents (purchase orders or invoices) electronically. Later he took a real commercial value, through the purchase of goods and services through the World Wide Web using secure servers, with services of online payments, such as authorizations for payment by credit card.

With the advent of the CMS, you can implement e-commerce solutions with the help of plugins and add-ons. The most widely used system for creating e-commerce sites is Prestashop .

PrestaShop is an open source product, and comes with many themes, skins and plugins that, with a little ‘work, let you customize and configure it to the fullest.

Among its main functions are:

–      Management of the catalog : The easy, Back Office, clear and easy to use, you can upgrade the stock, organize products into categories, offer promotions with a few clicks;

–      Orders : It ‘can customize the fields in the form to get accurate information about the store, from the definition of the trolley to the consignment;

–      Customer account : Customer identification with a personal account;

–   Analysis and statistics : With statistics you can monitor and optimize performance, identify opportunities for improvement, monitor sales and visitor interactions;

–   Showing products : E ‘can provide various kinds of visions to increase the conversion rate. You will reassure customers with a zoom and showing the product from different angles;

–   Shipments : PrestaShop offers multiple shipping methods are perfectly adaptable to the various shippers and managed by the back office with some logistics factors such as the cost, the weight, the limits of shipping;

–   Site Management : Management of e-commerce by means of appropriate forms, CMS functions, presentations of products;

–   Payment : PrestaShop offers several payment methods safe and immediate;

– Security , Your customers feel serene when making purchases online.

Development Prestashop ecommerce websites

Developing E-Commerce Websites: Prestashop – The Shop Is Soon And Done!

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