Create Family Filters On Computers For Kids

Filters For Childrens On The Computer

Often you have to enter one or more filters on the PC when it can be used by children.

It is not easy to control what children do on a computer … and it can be dangerous to expose them with inappropriate or programs with a navigation ‘open’ to any website.

How do to apply some filter?

Meanwhile there is to say that there are various systems that apply both to the control of executable programs that the type of websites on which you can navigate. And it takes very little to apply it, it is really worth.

We see some cases:

Parental Control For Windows 7

Did you know that with Windows 7 , you can activate the parental control , which allows you to define which applications or games can use the little ones.

The first thing to do to set this control,

Create An Account Windows Suitable For Toddlers.

Here’s how:

  • Open the Control Panel and select the top right “View by: Small icons”
  • After this, click the ” Parental Control “of the Control Panel.
  • Click on ” Create new account “and insert the name for the account itself.
  • If desired we can also decide to set a password required. When finished, press ” Create Account “.
  • Now, in the main screen of ” Parental Control “icon will appear in the new account: click above to start the activation process of the various filters.
  • ┬áIn the page that opens, the first thing to do is check the box ” On, apply the current settings “to activate the control, then press” Ok “.


  • At this point, the account is ready for the kids: we just have to customize it by setting various restrictions.

Filter On Websites Through Programs

Windows Live Family Safety

To better protect your children when they log on to the Internet, download Windows Live Family Safety

which is part of Windows Live Essentials Microsoft (the package that contains, among other things MSN Live Messenger).

This free program allows you to decide which Web sites your children can access and with whom they can talk online.

Also generates reports useful and easy to read to summarize their activities online.

Filter On DNS

Another service that can be implemented is a filter on the DNS. The DNS in practice are online services that every time we type an address on the internet, dealing with routing ‘calls’ and redirect to the server that publishes the site that we want to open.

There are free services that are also DNS filter. One of these is OpenDNS that allows to apply filters very effective. The site is in English but with an inscription allows to download a small program client that controls access to the Internet according to criteria that we have set us: we just connect to the site with our administrator account (which of course we will not give the baby ..) and set the category prohibited and possibly add other sites to the blacklist.


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