Boot Password Problem Toshiba Satellite A210 PSAELE


Toshiba Satellite A210 PSAELE


ENTER PASSWORD Request Startup Toshiba A210 PSAELE

Enter password when Toshiba A210 PSAELE


To Reset The BIOS Toshiba A210 PSAELE

Work on many Toshiba every week and I must say that the problem of password prompt start ( message “ENTER PASSWORD” ) I found on many models including the ‘A300.

In fact, I recently published some articles that explain how to fix request password on Toshiba A300 PSAGCE or on aToshiba A300 PSAJ4E

Now the same problem I found on another model, the Toshiba A210 PSAELE .

Toshiba A210 problem PSAELE

This problem is blocking if you do not know the solution: the pc point-blank power presents a password prompt with a message “Enter password” in a box electric blue.

Now the problem is that the PC was never set a password: and you can not enter the BIOS settings as the computer is locked for each operation.

The solution provides:

A reset the BIOS : to do this we must dismantle the PC and short two legs for 30 seconds after turning on the unit; These pins do not are the same for each Toshiba but vary according to the motherboard;

Replacing the battery CMOS backup:   this is the cause of the anomaly . In fact, when the battery runs out, or (if lithium or Ni-Cd) stops to recharge, on some models of Toshiba is this curious anomaly that causes a request for Password.

battery toshiba A210

On A210 model I present here the battery is a lithium model and is soldered to the motherboard: we must therefore remove almost any PC, arm ourselves with welder, buy a new battery (costs less than 10 €) and risaldarla respecting the pin and polarity .

Let’s say that the operation is trivial and should give it a try: centers Toshiba fact for this intervention will ask no less than 80 € ….

Google does not always help ..

For a long time I could not give directions, as neither Google nor the service manuals were of help: and no more A210 arriving in the laboratory had this problem …

… Until you assign one of you asked me about an issue password request on a Toshiba A210.

With a bit of valuable information we were able to solve the problem and then the solution public, sure to make the happiness of so many people …

How To Reset The Bios Of An A210 PSAELE

This article does not show you how to disassemble your Toshiba Satellite A210, but I get directly to the point. Reset operations are quite simple, the hard part was finding just steps from short circuit …

Remember that you are obliged to replace the rechargeable battery of the BIOS that is in this case be the cause of our problem.

Also remember that for success when the reset (bridge) it is important that all devices are removed (even the RAM) and that the PC is turned on and powered with the single power supply ;

Here are the steps to follow:

Dismantle the door of RAM Toshiba A210 PSAELE and get to the point of being able to work on the area of the motherboard below banquets RAM; if your model does not give a chance to work on this area will touch dismantle the entire body to work smoothly on the motherboard.

battery problem Cmod Bios toshiba A210


–  We weld two wires on contacts arranged to reset the BIOS (again without making any bridges) : We identify the following point J4 near the connector to the RAM modules and temporarily weld the first copper wire:

password problem bios toshiba A210 PSAELE

The second wire connect me on the ground as in the next picture:

reset bios password problem toshiba satellite A210 PSAELE

– Turn on the PC without HardDisk without battery and without RAM: We connect in practice the only power supply and pigiamo the power button;

A computer on doing the bridge connecting the two wires for at least 30 seconds to reset the BIOS at this point should have been made; we are careful not to touch other parts or making short the leads of other areas, with the risk of damaging the motherboard ..

issue request password bios toshiba satellite A210 PSAELE

Let us restore the original situation: scolleghiamo dissaldiamo the power supply and the cables of the bridge, restoring the original situation;

The next steps plan to disassemble the unit to get to replace the BIOS CMOS backup battery soldered to the motherboard, compulsory intervention to resolve the issue.

Bios CMOS Battery Replacement Toshiba Satellite A210 PSAELE


We dismantle the Toshiba A210 PSAELE and get to the point of being able to work on the motherboard (you can follow my other post in Toshiba to open your PC); then replace the battery immediately BIOS.

In fact, if we do not make this intervention, the first attempt to start our Toshiba A210 starts right up and then resubmit the request again the next time password.

This is because without a functioning battery BIOS will fail to keep the setting in memory and the problem will reoccur.


After unsoldered the battery, I realized that the positive leg was damaged: I then proceeded to take the + by an adjacent component ..

replace cmos battery Toshiba Satellite A210

I then soldered two wires to the new battery. These rechargeable batteries are found in all electronics stores or on the internet: you dug with less than 10 €, just check that you have the same voltage (usually just over 3Volt) and, if indicated, same current.

replace cmos battery toshiba satellite A210 enter password

motherboard toshiba satellite A210 PSAELE

After surgery remount all, we attach the power cord and turn on ….

Work ?? Of course !! And here it’s what probably will appear at power index … that there was some variation ..

You then need to enter the BIOS menu and then reset the settings (date, time, etc.) And see if the memory is preserved.

password request A300 PSAGCE bios CMOS solved solved solution

The Message ENTER PASSWORD On A210 PSAELE Disappeared!

If you failed to carry out the intervention, and the message continues to appear try to repeat the steps: remember that it is essential to keep the jumper with the power supply and inserted without turning on your PC; the jumper must be operational for at least 30 seconds and no less.

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