ASUS G Series G73J Overheating

This PC is a game machine formed by very powerful units (quad core Intel i7-720QM), aesthetic inspired in design by an F-117 Nighthawk, 17.3-inch LCD display, graphics chip ATI Radeon HD 5870 1GB assisted Video memory type GDDR5 and 8GB of DDR3 RAM.

The case is very solid, has a Blu-Ray and uses 2 HardDisk as well as dual-fan cooling.

A real monster in short, now with a few years of life but still very powerful.

computer asus g73j

how to open asus g73j

All this power obviously requires great energy.

In fact, like the PC also his power shows very solid and serious performer, well 7.7 Ampere!

feeder asus g73j

The pc that led me had the defect that warmed too. In fact from IDLE temperature of CPU and GPU started from 70 ° C to get to turn off the PC after 100 ° C.

The person who entrusted me with this PC I was then asked to clean the fans, heat sinks and replacing the thermal paste with a high performance.

opening asus g73j

Let’s start with the operation as always working on the bottom of the PC. We begin to remove the 2 screws at the counter below:

disassemble asus g73j

Once removed this cover, we are already one of the first surprises of ‘ASUS G73J. A double slot with two HardDisk and an avalanche of RAM modules …

clean asus g73j

To get to the heat sinks and fans, however, we still have to disassemble the entire PC.

Svitiamo then the screws that hold the discs, and estraiamoli svitiamo all the screws of the body as well as internal to the chassis, including the small screw on the left side of the label, fixing the Blu-Ray.

Then extract it, and also the small screws svitiamo covered thereby.

asus overheating g73j

After extracting all the screws, inverted, the PC and let us reflect on the upper frame of the PC. We need to remove it, is fixed only draw.

opening computer asus g73j

After removing this component, Take the screws that hold both present in the display that the rest of the body. Subsequently turned around, the monitor (now removed) and let us reflect on the keyboard.

To disconnect the keyboard we have to insert a screwdriver into the small slots on the top and lever in a not too forced.

Gently detach the keyboard being careful because the underside of it – is fixed with the adhesive. We have to remove it slowly, trying not to abuse her too.

keyboard asus g73j

Once disconnected the keyboard, let us detachment of the flat and the pin of the LED backlight.

backlit keyboard asus g73j

Take the screws present on the body, the flat and the pin at the top right (it is very delicate, it is necessary to remove it with care).

opening asus g73j

Now we can remove the upper shell of the PC:

body asus g73j

Pulling the upper body we are very attentive to the little bit of this thermal pad under it (highlighted by the red circle in the next picture): should not come off nor crack otherwise we must necessarily replace:

thermal pad asus g73j

So here we are in front of the heart of the PC: the motherboard dell ‘ASUS G73J.

At the top you can see the two fans that cool the two sinks.

asus motherboard g73j

At this point we can remove the two fans and clean the heatsink with compressed air and a brush, as shown in the next photo.

asus fan g73j

asus fan g73j

sink asus g73j

At this point we are free to choose whether to stop at the simple cleaning of fans and heat sinks or push ahead with the change of thermal grease: definitely recommended on this type of machine.

The thing to do is to remove the motherboard and remove it from the body in order to work on the other side where they are mounted sinks.

Svitiamo then all the screws that secure it to the body and all the pins and flat cable.

asus motherboard g73j

Solleviamola gently.

asus motherboard g73j

Finally we can work on the heatsinks.

heatsinks asus g73j

Svitiamo the 4 screws that secure the processor heatsink.

CPU asus g73j

GPU nVidia asus g73j

change thermal paste asus g73j

Now svitiamo the screws that secure the heat sink of the graphics processor and we clean this is that the CPU from the old compound.

change thermal paste g73j

Even cleaning sinks. We may use contact spray dry, paper and Q-tips.

overheating Asus g73j

After applying the new thermal paste, preferably of excellent quality (I used the dough Artic) remount the whole.

When you turn the PC works perfectly with temperatures around 45 ° C. IDLE

Success !!

asus g73j working perfectly

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