Acer Aspire Z3731 Z3751 Disassembly Cleaning Upgrade


Acer Aspire Z3731 Z3751


Acer Aspire Z3731 / Z351 Is A Stylish All-In-One PC

with touch screen Full HD 21.5 ”

Problems encountered:

Overheating Intel Pentium E5700

Overheating NVIDIA GeForce G315

Sudden Freeze Windows7

Note: the information described for the opening of this unit can also be useful if you want to

Add RAM Or Perform An Upgrade Of Acer Aspire Z3731 Z3751


The first thing I had to do was to unplug the PC from the wall … The second problem came when I had to open.

How you doing? I lost a little time … but in the end I won ..

Repair Acer aspire z3731 napoli

First we rest the unit with the screen facing down (and attention that weighs a little bit …) on a soft floor.

We begin to loosen THE ONLY SCREWS present on the body and that is the 3 screws that hold the reggischermo color silver.

And now the problems begin … how the hell do you open this pc if there are no screws ??

Unfortunately, the rear bodywork is all interlocking.

Procuriamoci LOT OF PATIENCE, a sheet of thin metal and very resistant to slip between the rear shroud black and the rest of the unit.

The usual ‘calling card’ or plectrum serves do not go well as a bit of pressure on the catch points.

Opening Acer Z3731 Z3751

We need to move the plate from the bottom to the top by inserting it into the gap between the plastic of the rear block (black) and plastic of the front part (gray) by pressing lightly occasionally when it meets an obstacle, this obstacle is the point of interlocking which should be pressed to do so disconnect the two sides. It is not easy, you have to be careful.

In the photo below to see the point where I started to insert the thin sheet.

how to open Acer Z3751 Z3731

Once relied on all four sides, pressing lightly with inward force in the catch points, the body is finally on.

Open Acer Aspire Z3731 Z3751

Acer Aspire Z3731 Z3751 internal

To the surprise when you remove the shell will find out why so much weight in practice this series of Acer Aspire All-In-One includes a real computer DESKTOP (fixed in practice) with a lot of AGP video cards, RAM, Hard Disk 3.5 “, fans and slot similar to PC ‘big’ that are found in the desks.

Svitiamo poce the screws that enclose the motherboard and other components, and finally we will see the inside:

How to open the Acer Aspire Z3731

Video Card Acer Aspire Z3731

The model of the photo is a model Z3751 Z3731 but is similar.

Once you reach the internal hardware, can provide clean fans, heat sinks, and perhaps add / remove the RAM. The cleaning can be carried out with the usual systems: spray compressed air brush. Hopefully we can change the thermal paste is the processor that the video card.

Motherboard Acer Aspire Z3731


All this will make us relive our PC All-in-One that in this configuration suffers from a bit of overheating especially if it is held fixed to the wall.


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