Acer Aspire 7520G Does Not Light Turn On

Acer Aspire 7520G Restarts Continuously Or Will Not Turn

acer 7520G does not light


Problem description:

Both with battery power supply, the problem shown is one of the following:

  • Power-PC turns on one of the LEDs light up and it looks but after a few moments goes off endlessly repeating cycle ignition on / off (loop)
  • Power-PC turns on one of the LEDs light up and it seems instead immediately turns off not showing anything on screen
  • The PC makes a crackling noise on power and display anything on the screen after a few seconds it goes.

In all cases, the PC does not show anything on the screen and even attaching an external monitor.

problems acer 7520G


In this case the only way to restore the functioning of the PC is to perform a reflow or even better a reball. E ‘should be used as a semi professional instrumentation also prehat plate and a hot air station. Or even better a station Infrared: for acer however I can very well with a hot air station.

We must make a rework of two processors: I noticed that not only is useful to restore the processor nVidia on the board with PCI-e slot MXM but also a second chip present under the sink.

However start with the opening of the pc. The first thing to do is to open the door below. The door is pretty big. We have to open the whole PC if we want to get to the onboard graphics chip: the nVidia card saw outside instead we can work separately as it is removable.

problems acer 7520


repair acer 7520G

Opening the door below, we are faced with two sinks covering three components: CPU, graphics processor main nVidia (on MXM PCI slot) and a third processor support (probably a graphics processor too ‘it, the motherboard).

Both heat sinks are cooled by a single fan.

reflow acer 7520G

In the next picture I started to unscrew the first sink, showing CPU and graphics processor basis.

Highlights in the square, the graphics processor basis; on the right in the circle instead of the heatsink that cools the graphics processor on nVidia card removable.

From tests carried out should make a reflow of both processors or even better a nice reballing BGA, provided you have the stencils of both processors.

Acer Aspire 7520

We dismantle the second sink.

repair video acer 7520G

Now we can remove the card MXM to be able to work. First we clean the surface of the processors from the old thermal paste. Then we provide the usual steps to perform a reflow or reballing.

nvidia problems acer 7520

restore acer 7520

After our rework the main processor, we can then work on the smaller processor.

Given that we are, of course we clean perfectly the fan and heat sinks.

Then before reassembling apply the new thermal grease. Okay even the classic white, no silver particles.

open acer 7520

After putting everything we do a test …

The result – if we’ve done the work to perfection – is the following …

acer 7520 restarts

Our Acer Aspire 7520G Starts To Work!


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