Acer 5720G Does Not Light Or Lights Showing Lines

This time we see how to repair a laptop Acer 5720G model that can have one of the following problems:

– Does not want to turn on; pressing the power button light up LEDs but the PC is switched off completely almost immediately

– Pc turns on when you insert the power cord and then go out after a few seconds, creating a loop (on and off continuously, repeating). In some cases you will hear a sound similar to a ‘tac’ come from the keypad (or speaker on the bottom);

– Pc turns on but the screen shows artefizi as rows or strips;

– Pc turns on but shows white screen;

What causes the problem?

The specific problem of this model is only the external video card that mounts on MXM slot processor nVidia nVidia GeForce 8400M GS.

reflow Acer 5720 5720G

Acer 5720 5720G does not start

In the situation described here smonteremo pc to get to disassemble the video card, a card model inserted into the slot MXM (then in fact a card ‘external) and then perform a reflow.

Start with disassembly.

open Acer 5720G


We must say that to get to the video card technically do not have to completely disassemble the PC, we are advantaged as it is necessary to remove only the big door that hides beneath this pretty much all my heart dell’Acero 5720G: CPU, video card, sinks, fan.

Let’s open this door and this is what you’ll see:

mother board Acer 5720G

Especially in the upper left you can clearly see the heat sink which stops the video card in slot MXM.


We must not do is to unscrew and remove the fan, and then unscrew the eight screws holding the two heatsinks connected to the motherboard.

repair Acer 5720 5720G

Without this we have to unscrew and remove the video card to prepare to rework.

video card acer 5930

Now we have first of all to clean well the graphics processor, then decide whether to make a reflow or a reball processor nVidia:

nVidia GeForce 8400M GS

In my case I made a reflow. It starts from the preheat, you try to apply the flux in the processor by forcing compressed air or a syringe and proceed with hot air up to 200 °.

reflow nVidia GeForce 8400M acer 5720

reball nVidia GeForce 8400M acer 5720

nVidia GeForce 8400M problem acer 5720


Afterwards we begin to reinstall everything, making sure to replace thermal paste and especially the thermal conductive pad that on this pc will wear easily crumbling.

The replacement of the thermally conductive pad is one of the fundamental things because many of the components of this pc heat a lot and the only way to dissipate heat is just to pass it to sink through this thermally conductive rubber.

Council to apply pad of good quality, cutting just the size of the component to be covered.


repair nVidia GeForce 8400M acer 5720

nVidia overheating acer 5720

reflow nVidia acer 5720

Obviously we clean before replacing the fan to the heatsink is good for the fan itself:

cleaning fan cer 5720G

cleaning sink acer 5720G

We close the PC and carry out the first start to see if everything is ok …


acer 5720G repaired

Acer 5720G working perfectly !!

acer 5720G lights



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