ACER 5630 Will Not Turn On

Pc no signs of life. Pressing the power button does absolutely nothing.

Sometimes if the battery is inserted and insert the charger, the orange light flashes charge … then you press the power button and dies completely.

Or turns on and it works for a while but if you turn off sometimes hard to ignite, in practice after a simple reboot on power often no signs of life.

In the latter case the defect occurs suddenly, even if you use just the PC. Then the defect tends to increase until you can not turn on the handset.

Sometimes when you press the power button you notice only the ignition briefly led the reader / writer, then no other sign of life: the PC is off.


Note: These symptoms are specific and have nothing to do with other ignition problems (video card, overheating, electrical problems) in which there is usually also some other sign of life as the fan that activates Cmq: in these other cases, the procedure will not work. But it cmq worth groped.


The solution is to remove a resistance called R138 (see figure).

After this removal, 90% will return the PC to work properly.

In case of further failure, you must replace this instead R138 with a resistance of 4K7 (the original is 1K).


It seems incredible … but this model of computer practically stops working for a resistance … although maybe in three years you have it turned on you and not 10 times … Personally I had to remove only the first resistance, and the PC it worked without problems.


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